Winds of Winter release date: Will book take even longer now GRRM has movies in the works?

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The Winds of Winter has had slow progress made on it since the end of HBO’s Game of Thrones. The book is almost 11 years in the making, with many desperate to see what happens. George RR Martin has recently announced a series of adaptations, including a new film of his In the Lost Lands book.

Paul WS Anderson will direct the film while Milla Jovovich will star as Gray Alys, with Dave Bautista of Guardians of the Galaxy as Boyce.

And it’s not his only upcoming adaptation. Speaking on his Not A Blog website, George announced another new release – this time of his book Sandkings.

He wrote: “And now, hard on the heels of that, comes the announcement about another story of mine being developed as a movie.

“Sandkings was the story I was best known for, before A Song of Ice and Fire came along.

“Originally published in OMNI, it went on to win the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Awards (my only triple crown), and has been anthologized and reprinted more times than I can count.

“It was filmed once before as well, as the two-hour premiere episode of the revived Outer Limits.

“Melinda Snodgrass did the adaptation; Beau Bridges starred, with his father and his son in supporting roles.

“Now the story is in development once again… this time as a feature film rather than a television episode.”

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski is signed on to direct, while Dennis Kelly is writing the script, but George did warn this project may not see the light of day, as sometimes happens with movies.

He did, however, share some more news of other HBO adaptations, which could get fans excited to see a return to Westeros.

He added: “In television, as seen here, I am working with Kalinda Vazquez on a pilot for Roger Zelazny’s Roadmarks, and I am part of the terrific team that is trying to bring Nnedi Okorafor’s Who Fears Death to series on HBO.

“I think we’re finally getting close on that one; we’ve been interviewing possible directors lately, and the last one was very impressive.

“Of course there’s House of the Dragon at HBO, the Game of Thrones prequel series that Ryan and Miguel are helming, and maybe possibly some other stuff for HBO that I cannot tell you about (but it is very exciting), and also a new series for AMC that I also cannot tell you about… yet… (hint, hint).”

When is Winds of Winter being released?

With this slew of new projects, many fans are worried the new release could see a delay in the long await Winds of Winter book – which they’re all clamouring to get hold of.

One fan tweeted: “We’ll have gone through like 20 spinoff shows before winds of winter drops.”

Another said: “Remember when George said winds of winter would be finished last summer.”

A third added: “You know he doesn’t write anymore, apparently. He just attends conventions where he promises Winds of Winter will be out, he just really wants to take the time to write an entirely new book and he has to help produce 3 new series.”

One user wrote: “One year stuck inside and GRRM still couldn’t finish Winds of Winter?? REALLY???”

Another fan added: “You’d think that a year of quarantine and lockdowns would get George RR Martin to finish The Winds of Winter… IT’S BEEN FIVE YEARS MR MARTIN!!”

One fan simply asked: “The Winds of Winter? When?”

While the future of The Winds of Winter is uncertain, other chapters of his books coming to the screen will hopefully satiate the appetites of hungry fans.

For now, George has committed to finish the book and is still working on this.

He added: “You all know what is on my plate in prose. I need to finish Winds, and then maybe write another Dunk & Egg novella, and then get right into A Dream of Spring and in between edit some more Wild Cards books.

“Once more into the breach, dear friends… Westeros beckons.”

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