Willow and Avril Lavigne Trash Their Egos in 'G R O W' Video

Willow and Avril Lavigne are outrunning fame in the new music video for their Lately I Feel Everything collaboration “G R O W.”

Directed by Dana Trippe, the visual for the short, sweet, pop-punk drenched song finds the two singers growing in both a literal and metaphorical sense as they tower over a makeshift city. They tear down posters of themselves and toss magazines with their faces plastered on the covers into the trash — along with their egos.

Later on in the video, Willow and Lavigne perform the final chorus to a scattered audience hanging out in parked minivans and ditched couches. The song’s other collaborator, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, doesn’t make an appearance.

Barker also appeared on the album’s lead single “Transparent Soul,” which garnered tons of attention for the project. But that looks like it might soon be eclipsed by the live performance of “Meet Me at Our Spot,” a cut from Willow’s side project with Tyler Cole, The Anxiety, currently making its rounds on TikTok and YouTube with millions of views on each platform.

Lately I Feel Everything marks Willow’s fourth solo studio album and was largely inspired by acts like Lavigne, Paramore, and My Chemical Romance.

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