When Metallica came for tea – Rock group pops into pub after Cliffs of Moher walk

Legendary rock band, Metallica have made the most of their stay in Ireland after they shook Slane Castle on Saturday.

The American heavy metal band took in some tourist spots across the country including Clare’s very own Cliffs of Moher yesterday afternoon.

Hungry after all that walking, the band caught locals by surprise when they popped in for dinner in Vaughan’s Anchor Inn in Liscannor at 6pm yesterday evening.

Owner of Vaughan’s, Lisa Vaughan said they were not expecting a visit from the famous metalheads.

“We heard a helicopter overhead yesterday afternoon, so we knew there was somebody big in the area but we didn’t know who,” Lisa said.

“They parked the helicopter in a spot behind the hotel and went up along the cliffs of Moher and then popped into us before they went. They were superstars, normal, down to earth, ordinary people.

“One of our chefs, Gary Davis would be a big fan of theirs so the lead singer, James Hetfield went into the kitchen to say hello to him.”

The word had spread quickly and there was suddenly a large crowd of people outside the restaurant looking for a glimpse of the band. This was not the first time a famous face was spotted inside the inn according to Lisa.

“There was a big crowd gathered outside the hotel and some of them even came up to the table looking for photos and autographs but they didn’t seem to mind,” she said.

“Please God, we will see a few more famous faces around. He had Bob Geldof last summer and he was an absolute gentleman. He had a few stars through the doors now.”

This was the first time the band had been in Ireland in the past ten years.

When they weren’t travelling the country and going for dinner, they were generously donating €35k to the Capuchin Day Centre.

The band plays tonight in Amsterdam.

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