Weird Al Yankovic Thinks Michael Jackson Did Him a 'Huge Favor' By Refusing Parody of 'Black and White'

Although he had enough talent to compete for the limelight, Weird Al Yankovic charted his own path anyway. Fans love the weird and often hilarious parodies he’s created over the years. You probably have a few favorite Yankovic lines you could sing right now.

There’s renewed buzz on the heels of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, with Daniel Radcliffe playing Yankovic and telling the story of his rise to success. Looking back at some of his biggest hits, including a few Michael Jackson remakes, you might wonder how celebrities felt about him poking fun.

With Michael Jackson in particular, Yankovic had tons of success with a few songs. The comedian asked Jackson’s permission to do a parody of another song, “Black and White,” but Jackson said no. Later on, Yankovic says he did him a huge favor.

Weird Al Yankovic’s practically a legend

At the time, Yankovic was pretty bummed about Jackson’s rejection. In hindsight, he’s been grateful. It’s probably a good thing such a title never came to fruition, given the controversial subject matter. His take on the popular Jackson song was going to be “Snack All Night,” and Jackson just hadn’t been “into it.” As fate would have it, Nirvana had just come on stage at the time, giving Yankovic plenty of inspiration for new material.

You might hear “Snack All Night” if you attend one of Yankovic’s shows. But it’s a song that never made it to the studio. In the big scheme of things, it probably was a huge favor.

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