Watch David Crosby Field Questions About Prison, Infidelity and Living With a Trump Supporter

David Crosby might not seem like the obvious candidate for an advice columnist. After all, this is a man that has abused just about every drug in the world, alienated most of his former bandmates and spent time in a Texas prison. But we approached him to spearhead this column because he’s learned from the many mistakes of his past and is now full of hard-earned wisdom. He’s also recording some of the best music of his career, on a U.S. tour and the subject of Cameron Crowe’s documentary Remember My Name.

For the inaugural Ask Croz column, we had the chance to sit down with Crosby in person and ask him questions on video that he’d never seen in advance. His answers here were all delivered on the spot without an instant of forethought. The topics range from tips to surviving life in prison to dealing with infidelity, living with a partner that supports Donald Trump and competing with musicians for women. He never flinched at any question, no matter how outrageous or bizarre it was.

This is only the very beginning of Ask Crosby, so please continue to send in questions. You can post them on Twitter with the hashtag #AskCroz or e-mail them to [email protected] Just please make sure to ask for actual life advice. We’ve got piles of letters asking him questions about what it was like to play Woodstock or whether or not he thinks CSNY will ever reform. Those are legit questions for an interview, but what we’re doing here is simply about providing people with advice from a man that has survived everything life can possible throw at him. He’d lived to tell the tale and he wants to help people do the same. So, fire away with questions relating to life advice. Cruz is waiting to field them.

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