Tom Morello Squashes Hope for Rage Against the Machine Reunion

‘Don’t wait around,’ advises the Prophets of Rage guitarist when asked about plans for new music and a possible tour with his former band in a new interview with HardDrive Radio.

AceShowbiz -Rocker Tom Morello has urged Rage Against the Machine fans not to hold their breath for another reunion, insisting there are no plans to regroup.

The political rock act last performed together at the L.A. Rising festival in 2011, prompting fans to dream about new music and a possible tour – but it hasn’t happened.

Instead, the guitarist formed Prophets of Rage with his bandmates Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk and rap icons Chuck D and B-Real.

In a new interview with HardDrive Radio, Morello made it clear there’s nothing on the horizon for his former band.

“There’s no news on the Rage Against the Machine front,” he said. “The times demand people standing up. That’s what I’m doing with my stuff, what Prophets of Rage is doing. Don’t wait around for Rage Against the Machine. Form your own band and get it done.”

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