The Making of Aloe Blacc's "Getting Started" For 'Hobbs and Shaw' Soundtrack

NBC’s SongLand takes the audience behind the scenes and shows them how a song is created. Four songwriters present their songs to artists known around the world, and that artist chooses one song as their leading single for their next album. The Jonas Brothers chose Able Heart and Ester Dean’s “Greenlight” last week, which hit number one on the iTunes charts.

This week, singer Aloe Blacc is in the studio with upcoming action film Hobbs and Shaw director, David Leitch. They want to find a song for the movie and soundtrack, specifically for the part when Hobbs, played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Shaw, Jason Statham, are fighting off Idris Elba’s character, Brixton Lore. Blacc and Leitch are looking for a song that is motivational and inspiring with swagger. What song do they choose? Keep reading to find out!

Which songs did they choose from?

Tvte, pronounced “Tate,” from Wilmington, Delaware, presented her song, “Call For A Hero.” She said the song is about becoming your own hero, and not looking for anyone else to make a change. Leitch felt like the single had a great theme and call to action, but Ryan Tedder suggested some arrangement changes. However, Blacc felt like it had the right message, so he teamed her up with Ester Dean.

Dean realized the song had six parts, so she cut out three to follow a traditional song’s format. Blacc Facetimed Dean, and said he wanted to add “here I am” to the chorus and make it more of a declaration. Therefore, Dean and Tvte took his advice for her second performance, and Blacc loved the way they flipped the verses. However, he did not choose her song.

Steve Fee, from Franklin, Tennessee, delivered his song, “Same Blood,” which has a brotherhood concept. Shane said he felt the song in his heart and worked with him for his second presentation. He turned it into more of a gospel single, and Blacc loved how they changed the chorus to sound catchier. But, Blacc did not pick his song for the soundtrack.

Who wrote “Getting Started,” and which Songwriter helped?

Blacc and Leitch decided on Oklahoma’s Kyle Williams’ “I’m Just Getting Started.” He said the song relates to someone who worked their whole life for something and finally achieved it. Blacc praised the song’s soul and empowering melody, but said it felt like the second chorus lacked something.

He paired up with Tedder, who also produced the single, and changed the production from “Imagine Dragons and TwentyOne Pilots” to a more “mean” beat. Ryan explained to Blacc and Leitch that they’re aiming for swag and cockiness without being obnoxious. Blacc chose the song because he felt like it’s perfect for the Hobbs and Shaw franchise which is just getting started.

What other song did Aloe Blacc record?

When Fee and Shane McAnally collaborated on the song, he had him open up about the true meaning of “Same Blood.” He told McAnally he received a call from a single mother about her son, dying from cancer, who loved the song. She asked him to sing it at his bedside, to which of course he obliged. Fee and the mother began dating, and only seven months later, the boy, Creed, passed away.

Creed’s mother and Fee are now celebrating five years of marriage, and the song relates to how he chose that family. McAnally also had Fee tell the backstory to the other songwriters, Blacc, and Leitch, who all teared up. Even though Blacc picked Williams’ “Getting Started” for the soundtrack, he decided to record Fee’s “Same Blood” as well.

SongLand returns August 14th, and will air on Wednesdays at 9 P.M. EST on NBC!

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