Tanya Roberts’ distraught partner ‘collapsed’ as Bond girl died in hospital

Tanya Roberts' heartbroken partner has described the moment he found out that his wife had passed away earlier this week.

Lance O'Brien said the former James Bond love interest had been admitted to hospital after falling ill before doctors said she was on the mend.

Shortly after being updated by the medical team, Lance was informed that the actress – who was 65 at the time of her death – had been rushed to the intensive care unite at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

Lance said that he "collapsed" moments after leaving Tanya's side after she had been put on a ventilator.

The former actress and model was confirmed dead prematurely by her agent, who later confirmed she died several hours later.

He added that when he saw his love, she opened her eyes but doctors claimed this was just a reflex movement.

Tanya died shortly after, with Lance still close to her, he said he gasped for air before collapsing after leaving her hospital room.

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He said: "It was early in the morning, six o'clock in the morning, and they go 'OK she's getting better, we gave her some blood sugar because her sugar was low and she's responding.'

"So I figure this is going to be a short-lived event, next thing I know she's going to the hospital in the emergency, you can't visit her, you can't talk to her because she's on a ventilator," reports The Mirror.

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He added: "I haven't been able to see her, they let me go see her two days ago, Sunday or whatever, and I go down there.

"She got up a few times, opened her eyes, those beautiful eyes, she's responding, she's responding, she's responding, and they told me that was just a reflex.

"Then about 90 seconds later her eyes rolled back in her head and she was out and I was just beside myself.

"I got back into the elevator, I didn't know where I was at."

Recalling the devastating moment, Lance continued: "My gasping, I was upset, my gasping.

"I just said goodbye to Tanya. That was it, I just passed out."

Tanya was out walking her dogs on December 23, when she collapsed following intestinal pain and breathing difficulties.

Her representative had said that she had died on Monday but later retracted the statement, saying she was still alive in the intensive care unit, before later confirming she had then passed away.

During her career, Tanya posed for Playboy as well as starring alongside Roger Moore in the 1958 James Bond film, A View to a Kill, as Stacey Sutton.

She also starred in Charlie's Angels between 1980 and 1981.

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