Raciest movie scenes ever – Meghan Markle romp and Jennifer Aniston striptease

365 Days is returning to Netflix with a juicy third instalment of the sex-fuelled film, called The Next 365 Days – and fans just can't get enough.

The hotly awaited sequel has in the past led to many viewers becoming quite hot and flustered as racy and X-rated scenes unfolded with leading actors.

Erotic scenes pretty much dominated the previous movies with the original following Massimo, who imprisoned a woman named Laura and gave her 365 days to fall in love with him.

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The second film follows the plot of first and within just a few minutes the passionate scenes were in full flow once more.

It is anticipated that the next instalment will have even more heart racing on-screen moments.

With the sex-charged film franchise hitting Netflix once again on August 19, we couldn't resist casting our minds back at some X-Rated moments from past films.

Meghan Markle cabinet romp

There is one scene that Suits fans will not be able to erase from their memories that easily – the one in which Meghan’s character Rachel Zane romps with Mike Ross played by Patrick J Adams.

In the steamy moment, the pair can no longer fight their feelings as Mike hoists Rachel up against a filing cabinet.

During an interview with Larry King, the two co-stars were asked: "What has been your favourite scene to film together? And where do you see the characters in five years?"

Patrick responded: "I feel like saying the last scene of last season where we got very intimate in a file room in the office.

"It was a sex scene, it was the culmination of a lot of pent-up emotions."

Meghan added at the time: "It was what people wanted to see from Mike and Rachel, and it happened in a file room."

Jennifer Aniston striptease

One of Jennifer's most notable scenes was her epic striptease in the hit comedy We're The Millers.

In an attempt to save her pretend family from being killed by Mexican drug lords, Jen's character Rose used her body to lure away the bad guys.

Transforming into the ultimate striptease act, Jennifer rocked sheer nude lace lingerie as she danced around the repair workshop flaunting every curve of her famous figure.

Turning temperatures up a few notches, the stunning Friends actress drenched her entire body in water as her male co-stars looked on in awe of her.

Brad Pitt's ex-wife explained that she worked out intensely for the striptease role and judging by fan reaction her extra gym time certainly paid off.

365 Days: This Day

With the franchise set to make a third comeback due to its X-rated popularity, we couldn't not throw in a mention for the erotic Netflix hit that is causing hearts to skip a beat.

In 365 days: This Day, viewers' jaws were left dropping thanks to a number of steamy antics.

The erotic thriller followed the first film, in which Massimo imprisoned a woman called Laura and gave her 365 days to fall in love with him.

The flick did not disappoint fans who tuned in for mind-blowing intimate scenes for the second film.

Just 20 minutes into the movie, fans could not believe the copious amounts of steamy content.

One person wrote on Twitter: "The first 20 mins of the movie 365 Days: This Day was intense, sheesh."

Another said: "I'm watching the 365 Days sequel and I’m 40 minutes in and absolutely nothing has happened. No plot just sex scenes and vibes."

Sharon Stone knickerless

Sharon Stone's pantless scene will go down in history as one of the most scorching of all time.

The Hollywood actress caused controversy playing the role of Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct.

In one unforgettable scene the blonde star completely exposed her nether-region using the famous leg-crossing motion.

However, Stone admitted in 2006 that she was unaware that her privates would be fully shown in the film – later finding out when she saw the film herself in a packed cinema.

Speaking to Piers Morgan on his CNN Tonight Show, the actress told him: "He had told me when we shot the scene that the light was reflecting off of my underwear, and that if I took off my underwear, there would be a shadow, that we wouldn't see my pubic hair, as we do in the film, where everybody keeps claiming they see my vagina.

"He screened the movie with me publicly with many people in a room. He didn't give me a chance to see it, digest it.

"I think more I was just so shocked and I was embarrassed not to be able to process it alone with him than I was so horrified."

While Stone was unhappy that she had somehow been duped, she did agree that the scene worked out well for the film.

She told Piers: "Because I agree that it was very, very good for the movie. But I didn't have the chance to process it individually and get my brain around it."

All The Old Knives

Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton left nothing to the imagination for their full on breathless moment of passion in an incredibly intense sex scene in All The Old Knives.

The Amazon thriller follows agents Henry Pine and and Celia Harrison who unleash their fiery passion between the sheets – even though they are fairly certain each other has betrayed the CIA.

Before unveiling the mole, they decide to have sex one more time and it's hotter than ever with Pine pushing his thumb into the mouth of Newton to suck on.

In an interview, Thandiwe revealed that the steamy scene with Chris had made her feel nervous after she'd spotted her co-star in the buff.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said: "We had a really intense scene right in the middle of the movie, it was really important and required nudity and so on.

"And I just caught a glimpse of Chris at one point, like we are getting into costumes and hair and makeup, and I'm like, 'Oh, no, no. No.'"


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