‘Piers Morgan’s Ofcom win against Meghan is historic win for freedom of speech’

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Piers Morgan stood up for free speech and won.

Yesterday (September 1), Ofcom cleared the firebrand broadcaster over comments made about Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

In an emphatic victory for Morgan and ITV, the TV watchdog rejected a record 58,000 complaints over criticism and doubt cast over some of the claims the Duchess of Sussex made during a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey on CBS.

It's reported that even the Hollywood Duchess filed complaints to ITV and the regulator – not like she has anything better to do with her time!

Ofcom concluded that restricting Mr Morgan, or any broadcaster, would be a "chilling restriction" on free speech.

Addressing the victory outside of his home, Mr Morgan celebrated the decision and claimed it was a defeat for "Princess Pinocchio".

When I read the verdict I gave a sigh of relief.

It made me proud that this country still supports our ability to speak freely, without being told what we can and can't say by a certain group of people who think their views are divine and indisputable.

What kind of precedent would it set if Ofcom ruled against Mr Morgan?

Perhaps it could've spelled a dystopian reality where presenters can't challenge public figures, for example government ministers, if they disbelieve certain claims?

In the same way the Duchess of Sussex was able to freely lambast our Royal Family, the likes of Mr Morgan should always have the option to criticise, challenge, and question the veracity of claims made by any public figure.

That's called being a good broadcaster.

To the likes of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, and their friends such as whiny Omid Scobie: no matter how much power or wealth you attempt to yield, nothing will stop freedom of expression and Piers Morgan has demonstrated that all the way.

You know what, I admire this man.

He's got balls.

If this happened to any other broadcaster, they'd be apologising the next day because they're all moralistically devoid and weak.

Mr Morgan, on the other hand, stuck to his guns, didn't bow down to his ITV bosses, and unequivocally crushed Meghan Markle by leading the free speech crusade to victory.

ITV bosses lost a huge talent, as Piers Morgan turned Good Morning Britain into the most talked-about morning show in the country and by the time he left, the world.

Through his dogged interview style and pugnacious scrutiny into government ministers; GMB became the most-watched morning show on his last day – taking over BBC Breakfast for the first time in ITV's history.

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What does this all mean for Mr Morgan?

The Daily Mail columnist, host of ITV's Life Stories, and best-selling author isn't exactly jobless or strapped of cash, boasting a whopping net worth of a reported £20million.

However, Mr Morgan hasn't had a permanent role on TV in months, citing yesterday that offers had "accelerated" and he's hoping to find an employer that champions the same views on free speech as he does.

Well, one would think GB News would be the perfect solution, but according to chairman Andrew Neil, the channel has different visions on what the star is worth.

Andrew Neil speculated that Mr Morgan might receive offers outside of the UK, such as from America, but is hopeful Piers would turn to GB News if he stays in the UK.

It wouldn't be the first time Mr Morgan has hosted an American news show.

From 2011 to 2014, the ferocious broadcaster took over from the late Larry King's slot on CNN, hosting Piers Morgan Live.

However, I doubt at this stage of his career and with a young daughter, Elise, nine, he'll be making a long-term relocation across the pond, despite owning a third house in Los Angeles.

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I believe it's likely Mr Morgan will be heading to Sky, hosting a new evening talk show that runs through the news of the day, with special guests, and even bolder opinions.

Let's not forget, the 56-year-old journalist has had a close relationship with Rupert Murdoch since working for the Sun and News of the World as editor.

Despite Murdoch cutting ties with Sky, I have no doubt Mr Morgan and Mr Murdoch will work their media magic to secure a prime-time slot on the channel that viewers will gobble up.

This also comes after director Erron Gordon announced he will be leaving ITV in a shock move to Sky.

The director worked with Piers Morgan for years on GMB, including special interviews with Donald Trump, the Osbournes, and a host of other TV projects with the media personality.

My guess is that Mr Morgan will be working on a new show that will be announced later in the year, already hinting to fans on Instagram that plans of a telly return are imminent.

Whatever happens next, let's continue to fight for our freedoms.

Why should a few rambunctious blue-haired tw*ts on Twitter decide what we can find funny, what we can watch, who we can agree and disagree with, and what we choose to do and say?

These parasitic cancel culture monsters are the real enemy – forget Piers Morgan.

It's the likes of Meghan Markle and other jumped-up celebrities and loudmouths preaching from ivory towers about virtues of being a 'good human being', when in actuality, they happen to be the most vacuous.

It makes me sick.

So I say, thank goodness for Mr Morgan's Ofcom triumph and let's never challenge someone's freedom to interrogate the so-called 'truth', ever again.

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