Piers Morgan admits he ‘still has scars’ from being punched in candid confession

Piers Morgan took to Twitter to admit that he still “has scars” from being “punched a few times” after launching a scathing attack on Russian president Vladimir Putin in his latest Sun column.

In his latest column for the publication, Piers made his views on Putin – who recently launched an invasion of Ukraine – very clear, writing: "Putin's a bully; a vile, snivelling, mean, ruthless, heartless, humourless, narcissistic bully.

"And he's always been a bully."

But it was while promoting said column that things got rather heated on Twitter, with Piers penning on social media: "My new column for @TheSun is about Vladimir Putin – a vile snivelling narcissistic bully who urgently needs a punch in the face."

Piers feared the intention behind his column had been missed entirely by one fan, who said: "I agree a throat punch is well needed but I always get a weird feeling in my stomach when threats like this come from someone that has likely never been punched in the face or punched anyone else in the face? #Weird."

Which is when the former Good Morning Britain presenter decided to clear up a few things, explaining: "Hi T-Lee, I’ve been punched a few times (& have the scars) and done some punching.

"But I didn’t mean an actual punch, nor did I mean I would be the one doing it. Try reading the column…"

In the column, it was clear Piers was talking about a metaphorical punch which would see world leaders rear up against Russia after its "imperialistic" invasion of Ukraine.

And he shed some more light on his own history with bullying, explaining: "I remember a bully at one of my own schools terrorising everyone, including me, for years until my brother – now a British Army colonel – resolved the situation by punching him in the face.

"In that moment, the bully shrank into a pitiful, pathetic shadow of his once arrogant, all-conquering self and his aura of invincibility was irrevocably gone."

Piers summed up with the question: "But who’s going to punch Putin in the face?" – suggesting the USA has the only defence which could carry it out, "just as they punched Adolf Hitler and the Japanese so hard" during the Second World War.

And of course, one of Piers' alleged "punches" went viral at the 2004 British Press Awards, when the broadcaster claimed he was punched in the head "three times" by Jeremy Clarkson – something Clarkson has denied and described as "a slap".

Speaking of the incident, Piers said on the game show Play To The Whistle: "It was actually three punches.

"He permanently scarred me above my temple because he had a ring on, but the good news was he broke his little finger hitting my head because I’m that hard."

He added: "I took his best three punches and then I said to him, ‘My three-year-old hits me harder than that’, which I thought was a good line."

However, Clarkson's publicist told The Independent in 2015: "It was a girlie slap."

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