Nile Rodgers: Shakira Fired Me After Just One Day Into Recording Session

Aside from dishing on the incident with the ‘Whenever Wherever’ hitmaker, the CHIC frontman recalls in an interview with ‘The Two Shot Podcast’ the constructive criticism he got from Bruno Mars.

AceShowbizShakira cut ties with Nile Rodgers one day into a recording session after the pair disagreed over the arrangement of a planned track.

CHIC frontman Nile opened up about his impressive career in an interview with “The Two Shot Podcast”, recorded at Britain’s Kendal Calling festival. And while the star has worked with the likes of Madonna, Grace Jones and David Bowie, he revealed not everyone’s convinced by his musical credentials.

“You’d be shocked how many people I’ve given advice to and they’ve gone ‘Nah,’ ” the “Get Lucky” hitmaker laughed.

Recalling getting fired by “Whenever Wherever” hitmaker Shakira just one day into a planned recording session, the musician continued, “I told Shakira ‘Remember how I said we should start the song with the chorus?’ and she fired me.”

“I tried to give her an example and said ‘Every record you know of mine starts ‘One, two…’ and goes into ‘Le Freak’ or ‘We Are Family’ or ‘Let’s Dance’. Every one of my songs you like starts with the chorus.’ But she wasn’t buying it and I got fired right after the meeting.”

However, Nile did insist he’s open to constructive criticism from his peers, and shared it was Bruno Mars who persuaded him to change the direction of their upcoming collaboration for the 66-year-old’s new album.

“I was doing what I thought were really clever jazz chords,” Nile recalled. “But Bruno said, ‘Hey Nile, you know that first chord you’re starting with? You’ve got to change that if you want it to be a hit.’… God knows he was right!”

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