‘Madonna isn’t good enough for Radio 1’ claims Scott Mills

Daily Star Online first revealed that the Queen of Pop’s long-awaited comeback track Medellin would not be played on Radio 1.

At the timethe BBC brushed off the ban simply saying: “Individual stations make their own decisions on the songs they play, based on what the audience expects to hear, with no other criteria taken into consideration.”

Now drivetime host Scott Mills has given his take on the apparent blacklisting of Madge, admitting he  the only reason Radio 1 don’t play Madonna’s new music is that she isn’t good enough anymore.  

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Scott said: “It is just change of the times.

“I understand that she is still trying to make relevant young music but I think if it was good enough then why wouldn’t we play it?

“To be honest I don’t think the Eurovision was great. 

“It is clear that she … I mean, you can’t redo the vocals on a video and not expect people to notice when 200 million watched the show.”

Admitting he initially thought   when he watched the performance live in the arena in Tel Aviv, the star continued: “In the arena it didn’t sound bad but I was expecting more and she was just walking down the stairs. 

“I just think maybe it’s not good enough. I want old Madonna back and it would be fine”

Scott Mills

“Personally I don’t think the new track connected and that makes me go ‘ok, well is it really relevant to be played on Radio 1?'” 

Understanding  the backlash from Madge’s fans, Scott added: “I think is it because it’s Madonna people think we should play her. 

“She always makes it about her age but I don’t think it is the fact she is 60 or her age at all. 

“I just think maybe it’s not good enough. I want old Madonna back and it would be fine.”

Insisting despite the tonguelashing he still is a fan of the Like A Prayer superstar, the BBC regular said: “Look, I love Madonna so I don’t want her to be below par.

“I was really hoping she would be good at Eurovision.

“I know she’s about reinvention but people want to hear the hits.”

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