Lucy Spraggan flaunts results of 34D boob job in startling before and after pics

X Factor singer Lucy Spraggan left Instagram fans scooping up their jaws from the floor with her latest topless reveal.

The 29-year-old opted to go under the knife in a bid to change her boobs after she'd overhauled her lifestyle in recent months and managed to shed a whopping three stone in weight.

Now boasting an incredible muscular torso and slender proportions, Lucy was left feeling unhappy with the appearance of her breasts, which she herself likened to "two snooker balls in a sock".

Wanting to change her body, the songstress opted for surgery and has insisted that she feels "absolutely incredible", sharing her astounding results with her 139million followers.

It seems like it's all systems go for Lucy at the moment, as she is also busy promoting her new single Run.

Lucy took to social media with two side by side images to showcase her before and after snaps.

Sending temperatures soaring, the lass from Cheshire ditched her bra to showcase the results of the procedure, using clever positioning of two emojis to keep her dignity in tact.

Beaming a huge smile in both of the photos, she captioned: "Less than three weeks apart. Pic on the right is Tuesday before I had my dressings off!

"Ironically released a single called Run today which I cannot do for another seven weeks due to surgery but I feel absolutely incredible."

Adding an element of humour, she joked: "Nudes in my bio."

But she added: "(It's a link to my single but meh the t**s seem to be far more interesting)."

Lucy, who often documents her life on her Instagram story, took to the platform to conduct a Q&A session with fans to address some of the comments she had received.

She was taken back by one message from someone who quizzed her on why she had opted to wear glasses in one of the images but not in the other.

Responding to the fan's question, Lucy joked that her glasses were the last thing on her mind as she was a little bit distracted by her surgery results.

The hitmaker replied: "It just totally flew over my head. I was totally preoccupied with the fact that my t**s look completely different.

"And that I had massive loose skin and now I've got new t**s. Next time… glasses!"

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