Love Island star says Luca needs ‘God’s help’ if he ends up marrying Gemma Owen

Love Island's Antigoni Buxton has shared her thoughts on her co-stars' extravagant proposal.

Last week, Luca Bish and Gemma Owen announced they went official after the fishmonger went all out for a romantic display.

Luca's gesture was that OTT that fans even thought it could have been a marriage proposal, which included hundreds of red roses, a cello player, and writing the words “be my girlfriend” in balloons.

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He also gifted his new girlfriend with a £6,500 Cartier bracelet for their milestone.

When asked about her thoughts on the display, Antigoni exclaimed how happy she was for the new couple.

The singer, 26, said: "Oh my god, yeah, I saw it's a lot to ask someone to be your girlfriend. God help him if he ends up getting married to her, do you know what I mean? Because he will have to get helicopters the works…

"It was like a proper girlfriend proposal, he's set the bar very high for himself, but I'm happy for them. Them two do really like each other so, it's great.

"But if he proposes for real then he best get some plans made cos it's going to be hard to top that."

The songwriter is also excited to announce some news of her own as her brand new single drops on Friday.

Talking about her track, she said: "It's the idea of if you can take my man, then you can have him, it's kind of like a girl power vibe.

"It's not saying I don't care, it's saying I want to be with someone who loves me so much that no one can sway him."

"I'm excited for it to come out, we have a simple visualiser for it but we are planning a music video for it at the moment."

But will there be any cameos from her ITV co-stars?

She added: "Do you know what, we've thought about it but we will have to see what happens. It depends where the stories go, but I would love the girls come through and have Tasha and Danica dancing in it.

"There will be some dancing from me as well as the song will definitely lend itself to some good choreography… I want to fuse my Cypriot heritage with the UK hip-hop sound I've grown up around so it's about bringing those two worlds together."


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