Led Zeppelin’s rock and roll moments – fatal breakfast, hotel chaos, ‘Starship’

They’re known as being one of the biggest rock groups to come out of the 1970s with infamous hit singles including Stairway to Heaven, Immigrant song and a Whole Lot Of Love storming to the top of the charts.

It’s fair to say that Led Zeppelin were viewed as rock gods in the music industry with their legendary performances and record-breaking albums.

The infamous group even went to inspire future musicians including rocker Dave Grohl who was the drummer for Nirvana and later went on to form the rock group Foo Fighters back in 1994.

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During the peak of their fame, the band quickly became known for their wild lifestyles, including their excessive drink and drug use and their rebellious bad boy personas.

To mark their 54th anniversary in the charts, Daily Star have taken a deep dive inside their wildest rock and roll moments throughout their career over the years.

Hotel destruction

As the rock group shot to stardom in the late 60s, the band quickly became known for their wild disregard for hotel rooms.

During their world-wide tours across the globe, hotel managers regularly shared their distress for housing the rock and roll stars who all appeared to share the same fondness for destroying TVs by throwing them out of windows.

The band famously once used fake names in order to return to a hotel which they had previously been barred from due to their chaotic behaviour.

When the manager learned who was really staying under his roof, he allowed the band to keep their reservation so long as they behaved themselves during their stay.

Yet the boys still struggled to contain themselves as the band's tour manager Richard Cole was told by a young front desk worker that he had to fork over $2,500 after the cleaners discovered five broken TVs in their room.

But at the height of their fame, the agent didn't even flinch as he payed the eye-watering bill and even dished the dirt on their stay to the star struck employee.

It has previously been reported that the hotel worker asked the manager: “I’ve heard that Led Zeppelin has a reputation for throwing TVs. But I thought it was BS. Can you tell me, what does it feel like to just toss a TV out of your window?”

Feeling rather generous, the manager replied with: “Kid, there are some things in life that you’ve got to experience yourself” as he slid the worker $500, adding “Here you go, mate. Go toss a TV courtesy of Led Zeppelin.”

Motorcycle through a hotel

As their long-standing career went on, their tendency to break things almost became as legendary as their impact on the music industry.

On one occasion, lead guitarist Jimmy Page was even thought to have been chained to a hotel toilet in order to stop him from destroying the room during his stay.

But arguably the most memorable hotel stay the band enjoyed was their explosive trip to Hollywood's star-studded hotel Chateau Marmont situated on the iconic Sunset Strip.

Determined to beat his fellow band-members chaotic stint at the luxury event, the drummer came up with quite the explosive entrance.

During their visit, legendary drummer John Bonham drove a motorcycle through the lobby of the hotel causing untold terror amongst their fellow guests.

However, the drummer wasn't satisfied with his one-off stunt ending there, as he went on to zip through the hotel lobby on his wild motorbike numerous times throughout their stay.

Led Zepplin’s starship

Years before Iron Maiden made headlines with their luxury private jet Ed Force One, Led Zeppelin paved the way with their glamorous plane, the Starship, which flew them all over the globe.

While the aeroplane was technically owned by singer Bobby Sherman, the musician often rented the multimillion dollar plane out to a number of famous rock icons.

However, Led Zeppelin became the plane's most famous occupants over the years which quickly became a live-in party in the sky.

Fellow musician Deep Purple's Jon Lord revealed some of the stunning interior features of the jaw-dropping private jet which was often a home away from home for the rock band.

He recalled: “It has a lounge, a bedroom, a shower and a study. It’s supposed to look as little as a plane as possible.”

The plane also included a king-size waterbed, a 30-foot bar with built=in electric organ, a video system fully stocked with everything from blockbusters to pornography with two on-site stewardesses ready to tend to the band members every whim.

Their live-in plane soon meant that Led Zeppelin no longer needed to check in an out of hotels all the time, much to the relief of hotel owners all over the globe.

The band's use of the luxury plane began to serve as the very image of excess fame for rock stars in the 70s with the bands high-flying escapades being something many up and coming artists aspired to.

Whipped cream story

As the famous story goes, Jimmy Page and John Bonham once found themselves in a hotel room while on another global tour bored out of their minds.

While the pondered how to entertain themselves during their stay, inspiration struck as they heard the screams of their adoring fans outside the hotel.

To spice things up, Page decided to surprise the waiting horde of female fans by stripping down to his birthday suit before he covered himself from head to toe in whipped cream.

It was at this point that a hotel employee was paid to wheel him into a room occupied by wild fans with cheers screaming from the room following his raunchy entrance.

And it's fair to say the boys hit the headlines as fans went wild for their X-rated stunt with a new wave of more groupies deciding to follow the group on tour after the hilarious prank.

John Bonham’s breakfast meal

One of the most famous stories to come out of Led Zeppelin's famous wild partying antics took place towards the end of their career.

On September 24, 1980, John Bonham was picked up to attend a morning rehearal session with the band ahead of their upcoming North America tour.

But on his way to meet up with the rest of the band, Bonham decided to get a head start on the day with a little hair of the dog as he stopped for some "breakfast" on route.

However, his morning meal was strikingly different to your average bowl of cereal, as he chugged down four quadruple vodka Screwdrivers – which is the equivalent of 16 shots of Vodka – and a single bite of a sandwich.

But as the day progressed, things started to take a turn for the worse as Bonham continued binge drinking, eventually consuming around 40 shots of Vodka.

Sadly, Led Zeppelin's bassist John Paul Jones later found the rocker's body the next day just eight months following AC/DC's Bon Scott passed away the same way.


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