Kimberley Walsh confessions – fear of sex, bum revelation and footballer ex

She is known for her impressive vocal range after performing in the hit girl band Girls Aloud following their success on Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002.

And it’s fair to say Kimberley Walsh has gone on to expand her showbiz career after she launched her solo career before delving into acting and TV presenting.

Despite her high-profile, the mum-of-two has remained tight lipped about her love life and successfully shielded much of her relationships from the media as much as possible.

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As the blonde bombshell prepares to celebrate her 41st birthday with a bang, Daily Star have taken a deep dive inside some of her wildest sex confessions.

Only two relationships

As the superstar singer soared to stardom in 2002, she was thrown into the heart of the music industry where the infamous girl group were regularly pumping out chart-topping singles.

Although the blonde bombshell became a household name, the starlet told the Daily Mail that she has only ever had eyes for her partner and professed herself a committed monogamist.

Although research shows that the average Briton has nine sexual partners in their lifetime, the Morning Live presenter is obviously not one of them.

Speaking to the news outlet, she confessed she has only ever had two boyfriends, explaining: “I’m a one-guy girl and I've never played the field.

“I’ve only had one previous boyfriend – I've just had two healthy relationships in my life.”

Looking back over her dating history, Kimberley previously dated lower leagues footballer Martin Pemberton.

The couple first met back in 1999 when he was playing for Bradford Park Avenue, but after four years together the pair decided to go their separate ways.

It is understood one of the reasons the duo cut ties was because of the sportsman’s decision to move to Stockport County.

Soon after their split, the TV star bean a relationship with Justin Scott who was launching his career with boyband Triple8.

Loyal Monogamist

The singer admitted that throughout her life she has simply fallen into committed relationships, especially after her split from her first boyfriend Martin.

Speaking of her love life, she told MailOnline in 2010: “I was devastated at the time. It seemed Martin and I were never actually together because of work. I didn’t think know what to do but I felt in the end I had to break free.

“I intended to have some time on my own but then Justin came along and went straight into a new relationship with him. It just happened.”

The happy couple have since tied the knot and welcomed three sons together, Bobby, six, Cole, four, and Nate, one.

The star went on to share the secret behind a loving marriage after nearly 20 years of dating and six years of marriage together.

She added: “We’ve both met people along the way who we’ve thought were attractive, but what I've got with Justin is so much more than a possible flirtation.

“I’ve never met anybody else that has remotely made me question whether or not I should be with him.”

Scared of sex

During the peak of her musical career, Kimberley confessed that she often felt under pressure to lose her virginity but refused to give in to her friends.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the blonde bombshell confessed how she found the concept of sex to be quite “scary” and nothing to be “given away easily”.

She told the publication: “As a teenager I felt the pressure to have sex to an extent where I felt like, ‘Oh God, maybe I should have done it by now’.

“But it was never strong enough to make me feel like I should act on it. I was quite headstrong about sex and knew it wasn’t something I was going to give away easily.

“Sex should be with someone you really like, so I refused to be forced by peer pressure. Sex is a scary thing – you've got to wait for it to feel right.”

The singer who – who tied the knot to Justin Scott back in 2016 – also claims sex should never be the most important aspect of a relationship, just another part in a well-rounded relationship.

She added in an interview with More! Magazine: “Of course it’s important but it’s not the be-all and end-all. There are other things that are more important for a long-term relationship.”

Secret to Love

While her bandmates have fallen in and out of love over the years, the doting mum has remained as happy with her beau as they day they first met.

Over the years, the TV presenter has opened up about what she believes to be the key to a loving marriage as she shared her belief in love at first sight.

Speaking to The Mirror, the star admitted that she believes in sexual chemistry acting as a “chemical reaction” in the body.

She confessed: “I really do believe in love at first sight. You can have a chemical reaction so you can definitely feel something straight away, and then you build on that.

“It just gets even better when you learn about someone and get to know them”.

And it appears as though her words of wisdom have paid off as she continues to thrive in a happy marriage with her loving husband and growing family of boys.

Doesn’t feel sexy

Although the northern singer is hailed as one of the most beautiful stars in British pop history, the singer admitted that she doesn’t always feel sexy in her body.

In 2013, the starlet confessed to Cosmopolitan that she still finds it hard to accept her sex symbol status.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star told the outlet: “I find it hard to talk about myself being sexy, but I guess my shape is more womanly than the model look, and that’s sexier

“I go with it. That's how I am … but it’s not like putting on a dress suddenly makes you feel sexy. You need to feel good about yourself first. And I do – physically I'm really fit, and I'm really happy.”

Known for her perky behind, the singer-turned-actress revealed that her bottom even has its own spoof Twitter account.

She explained: “It's got a life of its own! Something about my bum was trending on Twitter recently and I was like, ‘Oh my God, you lot are crazy!’”

And it appears as though even her bandmates can’t resist her peachy derriere, as she explained how Nicola Roberts struggles to keep her hands off her bum.

Kimberley added: “Nicola loves to give my bum a squeeze too. She's very toned and a completely different shape so she’s like, ‘it's a sponge!’”


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