Kerry Katona’s ‘face was a mess’ after allergic reaction led to hospital dash

Kerry Katona has revealed that the allergic reaction she suffered last month left her looking like Quasimodo.

With some lockdown restrictions lifted, the former Atomic Kitten singer was excited to pay a visit to a beautician (like many of us) and suffered an allergic reaction.

However, it’s not the first time that this has happened to her and the reality star claims she should have known better. In her new! column, she said: "I had to go to hospital this week after suffering an allergic reaction. I should know better by now.

"I went to get my eyelashes done, now that everything is back open, and while I was there I got my eyebrows dyed as well.

"Next thing you know, I look like Quasimodo crossed with Sylvester Stallone. It has actually happened before – I should have learnt my lesson.” Kerry noted that she had to be put on multiple steroids and shared a hospital picture of her arm with a tube in it.

She added: "My face was a right mess! I was on six steroids a day. It was awful. But I'm feeling a lot better now."

Fortunately, the mum-of-five is doing better now.

Kerry Katona recently turned her hand to acting online, starring as Maid Marian in the adult pantomime, Throbbing Hood and The Boobs In The Wood.

The actress is no stranger to racy outbursts and recently opened up about her sex life.

Featuring as a guest on the Hot Mess podcast last month, she admitted that she had to put some locks on her doors to stop her kids coming into her room at inappropriate times.

Speaking on the show, she said: “Had to put a lock on my door, and then when they ask me to leave the door open I have to say, 'If I leave that open you'll hear me having sex!.”

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