Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson shares plea after £64k Range Rover is stolen

Hollyoaks actor Keiron Richardson, who plays Ste Hay, was gobsmacked when he discovered his Range Rover, worth £64,000, had completely vanished off his driveway.

The luxury vehicle was stolen while he and his husband, Carl Hyland and their two children were sleeping on Friday night (May 27).

He claimed that two hooded figures stole the car from the driveway of their family home in Manchester, in the early hours of Saturday morning at around 2:30am.

Keiron posted a photo of the gorgeous black vehicle on Instagram, alongside the number plate “X22 KM” telling fans that if they spotted the car to message him.

He wrote: “STOLEN LAST NIGHT …. 2 hoodied figures at 2.35am from my house in Worsley Manchester area if spotted please send me a message.”

The post has so far reached 1,825 likes, with fellow actors and fans commenting their support.

Stephanie Waring who also stars in the soap wrote: “Just shared for you!!! Sorry mate that’s awful xx.”

Another Hollyoaks co-star, Katie McGlynn wrote: “Shared it! Vile cretins! Hope you’re ok.”

Reportedly, the Range Rover Sport is one of the most targeted cars for theft.

Land Rover models are also highly sought after for criminals looking to steal them and sell them on. In fact, six of the top 10 most targeted vehicles were Land Rover and Range Rover models.

This is done through intercepting the keyless technology, meaning thieves can simply hop in a car that isn’t theirs and drive away.

The police have issued a warning telling owners of any keyless entry car to put their keys in a special fob and a Faraday box, to block the signals that thieves use to clone the keys.

Despite modern cars being built with GPS trackers, and alarm systems, thieves are able to switch off these settings, and cruise off silently.

Some cars are stolen in as quick as 30 seconds, shockingly.

Owners should also invest in a steering wheel lock, according to authorities.

Car theft spiked in 2020, with more than 48,000 cars being stolen in 2021, and a UK leasing firm called LeaseLoco discovered that more than 72 per cent of stolen vehicles in the UK are never found or returned to their owners.

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