Here's How to Find the Creepy True Crime Thing That Happened On Your Birthday

Sometimes, for literally no reason besides “it’s fun,” you just want to know what the entire world was up to on the day that you were born. There’s just something comforting about learning that everyone was rocking loafers with horse-bit details or wishing they hadn’t just spent an hour and a half watching Baby Geniuses. No, you weren’t there to experience any of it…it’s just some cute information to keep in your back pocket.

Anyway, if you’re obsessed with your birthday, or just the whole concept of “on this day in history,” you need to listen to this new podcast. (Or invest in a desk calendar. Do those even exist anymore? TBH, I haven’t seen ’em since the last high school math class I took.) Today in True Crime is yep, you guessed it, a daily podcast about what kind of creepy true crime thing happened on any given day.

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If you’re thinking “why does this need to be a whole entire podcast when it could just be like…a list?” your concerns are valid-ish. No need to worry, though. This podcast goes a step further and actually analyzes the impact that this event had on history, so you’ll def want to tune in every single day.

For example, you might be interested (horrified?) to learn that August 27 is the day the Coed Killer, Ed Kemper, committed the first of 10 murders at the terrifyingly young age of 15. This day clearly had an extremely grim effect on the world.

Today in True Crime is a brand spankin’ new podcast, which is both good and bad news. It’s great because nothing will earn you some clout like dropping a new podcast recommendation in the group chat. It’s less-than-great because that means there are only a little over two weeks worth of episodes so far, so if your birthday is in December…you have some serious waiting to do before you can stop identifying as an Capricorn and start identifying as a person who was born on the same date Ted Bundy escaped from prison.

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