Elvis Presley ‘cried himself to sleep’ after watching classic movie

Elvis Presley: Priscilla discusses her affair in 1985

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Priscilla Presley detailed many intimate moments of her relationship with Elvis Presley in her book, Elvis and Me. The 1985 memoir spoke candidly about spending time with the King of Rock and Roll through the beginnings of their relationship, getting married and into their divorce. During one chapter Priscilla discussed watching a slew of films with Elvis at Graceland. One in particular left Elvis extremely emotional, as he “identified” with it so strongly.

Priscilla wrote: “We cried ourselves to sleep over The Way of All Flesh.”

The Way of All Flesh is a 1940 film that starred Gladys George, Akim Tamiroff and Bill Henry.

The picture was a remake of the silent film of the same name from 1927.

Priscilla went on: “[The film] concerns a banker who plans to carry a large sum of money out of state, only to discover upon awakening the following morning that he has been robbed.”

Priscilla continued to describe the movie, saying: “Stripped of everything, he takes to the streets, surviving among the derelicts, an outcast.

“Years later, one Christmas night, he wanders into his hometown and peers through the window to see his wife and children, now grown, opening their presents.”

Speaking about the final scenes in the film which truly devastated Elvis, Priscilla said: “Sensing his presence but never recognising him, his wife takes pity on the lonely old man and invites him in to share the evening with her family.

“He declines, heading down the snowy street alone.”

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Priscilla then revealed Elvis loved the film so much he wanted to create his own version of it.

What’s more, he wanted to cast a family member in the leading role.

She wrote: “Elvis identified so thoroughly with the story that he toyed with the idea of a remake. He intended to cast [his father] Vernon [Presley] in the lead role.”

This remake was never made, but the film certainly made its mark on the Jailhouse Rock singer.

The fact that Elvis was so moved by The Way of All Flesh is not terribly surprising considering how much of a movie buff he was.

In other portions of Elvis and Me, Priscilla spoke about how the star absolutely adored movies and would watch them any chance he could get.

Many of Elvis’ favourite films described in the book were classic pictures that have been well-loved for decades.

Included in this list is It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, Mr Skeffington, Letter from an Unknown Woman and the 1935 version of Les Misérables.

Although the King appeared in a massive amount of films throughout his movie career, he rarely had the chance to do some dramatic acting.

Perhaps Elvis’ deepest role was in the 1958 film King Creole, where he played Danny Fisher.

Throughout the film the King was given some tough scenarios, including the death of his mother and the murder of his close friends.


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