Elvis’ little brother describes growing up with The King ‘He shared his life with me’

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Elvis tragically lost his twin brother on the day they were born. It was one of the reasons he had such a close relationship with his mother, Gladys, which contributed to the star’s lifelong love of baby talk and his own childlike delight in games and gifts. The King’s mother suddenly died in 1958 and his father Vernon quickly remarried. For seventeen years, Elvis shared his life with a second family and his brother David remembered their extraordinary life together.

Vernon Presley married Dee Stanley on July 3, 1960, and instantly became step-father to her three young sons, Billy, David and Ricky. Four months earlier, Elvis had been discharged from military service and returned home to Graceland where he would soon be living with a whole new family.

Born in 1955, David was just a little boy when he met his new brother – the most famous man in the world: “He looked over at me and he picked me up and he gave me a hug and he welcomed me into his family. And he took me in and he shared his life with me.” 

His older brother Billy described how they met The King for the first time in the poolroom at Graceland: “Everybody parted like the sea and there was Elvis. He walked over and said, ‘Daddy, I always wanted a brother and now I have three.’ He picked all three of us up…

Billy recalled how the next day, Elvis rushed into their bedroom when they were waking up:  “We went out in the backyard,  there was three of every toy you could think of. That’s how he welcomed us… He was like Santa Claus in July…”

“Elvis was very close to his mother. When she passed away it was very difficult for him, and when his father remarried my mother that was very difficult for him. He wasn’t distant to my mother but he did have his emotions when they first got married. But for the three boys, there was no choice, and he saw that. We were there because mum married Vernon.  He could have done two things, one, get them out or two, accept them and raise them.”

David and Ricky both described the extraordinary ways Elvis helped “raise” them.

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David said: “He was very generous to me. He knew that my dad had been swept out of my life, and he did that replacement thing.

“I was just five years old. So, when I met Elvis Presley, I didn’t know what a hound dog was, I didn’t know what The King was. And it was funny, when I met Elvis… you know, I walked in, and I was the little five-year-old snotty kid who just couldn’t comprehend what was going on.

“But I did understand one thing, I came from a boarding home and moved into Graceland. And I thought, ‘this is going to be a great ride.’ And it really was. It was a great ride.

“It was a lot of good friends and bonding. We stood up for each other, we took up for each other.”

Of course, Elvis was notorious for seeking and embracing fun at every opportunity. He famously hired out entire cinemas for his friends and family or bought out a fairground at night for his daughter Lisa Marie.

David described the incredible experience of being the star’s step-brother: “I got a lot of attention being driven to school in a pink Cadillac every day. I mean, when Elvis is your big brother… he was more like a father figure. He was 20 years older than I was.

“He taught me everything. He taught me music. He taught me how to be cool. If there’s any cool there, it came from Elvis. He taught me about girls. He taught me about spiritual matters.”

With a new wife and young family, Vernon quickly moved out of the home he had shared with Gladys, but didn’t go far. His new house adjoined Graceland and Vernon ran Elvis’ personal affairs from his office on the mansion’s grounds.

And his new brothers never forgot how their famous new sibling took care of them.

David said: “He was a phenomenal big brother. He loved us, he looked after us.”

Billy added: “The greatest thing growing up with Elvis was he taught us how to love everybody in the world. That’s what I learned from him.”

David also explained the extraordinary effect Elvis had on everybody he met, especially those lucky enough to be close to him.his step-brother.

David said: “He went the extra mile to make you feel special. You know, there are a few people in the world that can pat you on the back and you’re good for another 10,000 miles. When he patted you on the back, you were good for another 10,000 miles.”

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