Eamonn Holmes fed dog Wotsits before it left ‘radioactive’ mess on cream carpet

Eamonn Holmes once fed his dog a whole packet of Wotsits so she would leave him alone – only for the pooch to get diarrhoea all over his cream carpets.

The TV presenter, 61, was enjoying his own packet of crisps when his and wife Ruth Langsford’s four-legged friend Maggie interrupted him, so he gave her a personal portion of the orange cheesy puffs to get the mutt off his back.

But it backfired when Maggie left a "radioactive" stain from a pile of poo the next day.

He said: "The worst thing I ever did was I was enjoying reading the newspapers, and I have a little delicacy, a little treat – a bag of Wotsits.

"Especially the family grab-size in the petrol stations.

"I open up the bag of Wotsits and I have them flat, so you're not putting your hand in the bag.

"It's sitting on the table and I’m reading the papers, enjoying it. It's a delicacy.

"I’m enjoying this very much and then the dog comes up beside me looking at me.

"You give the dog one and the dog is still looking at you, and I’m thinking, 'Oh for f**k sake.'

"I go out and I get a smaller bag of Wotsits and I open them up for the dog and go, 'There you are, have those.'

"That dog eats them, that's fine.

"Ruth prepares the dog’s food meticulously, it's flown in from Hungary or somewhere.

"The dog eats better than I do."

But Ruth was left shocked a day later when she woke up to see her beloved cream carpets covered in doggy diarrhoea.

And despite being professionally cleaned, there was still a "radioactive" stain left from the Wotsits.

Eamonn said: “The next day, I’m in bed and I hear, 'Aargh,' a banshee wail.

"Ruth is running around going, 'The dog has diarrhoea all over the carpet.'

"We got the carpet cleaning man round, and he cleans it up.

"But he goes, 'I've never seen anything like that before. We got rid of the poo, but I can't get the stain out.

"I've tried every chemical, but I can't get it out. I don't know what that dog ate but it's radioactive.'"

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