Drake’s Producer Explains R. Kelly’s Credit on ‘Certified Lover Boy’ Amid Criticisms

Music producer Noah ’40’ Shebib has responded to criticisms over the controversial R. Kelly credit, insisting he didn’t know about the sample ‘until the final hours.’

AceShowbiz -Producer Noah Shebib has explained why incarcerated R&B star R. Kelly has landed a credit on Drake‘s new album.

Fans were shocked to spot a mention of the “I Believe I Can Fly” singer, who is currently on trial in New York for a series of sex crimes, among the credits on “Certified Lover Boy”.

R. Kelly got the nod for the rapper’s track “TSU”, with Shebib, aka 40, stating that he and Drake were “forced” to license Kelly’s “Half on a Baby” because the start of their track features a recording of OG Ron C speaking.

“Behind that faintly, which you can’t even hear, is an R. Kelly song playing in the background (sic),” Shebib pointed out in an Instagram comment on a Sunday (05Sep21) post by black trans activist Ravyn Wngz that questioned the credit.

The credit will give Kelly a boost – his lawyers have claimed the R&B singer’s finances have been “depleted” following a court order last year (20) demanding all money made from royalties had to be used to pay unpaid rent.

Shebib was asked by a Drake fan why he didn’t simply re-record the section of “TSU”, which featured the Kelly song, and explained he would have if he could, adding he didn’t know about the R. Kelly instrumental lift “until the final hours.”

“At that point it’s about the integrity of the art for the artist and that’s not my place to mess with it,” he explained. “I’m not here to defend Drake’s lyrics, but I thought I would clear up that there is no actual R. Kelly present.”

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