Donald Glover/Childish Gambino covers Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines song

Donald Glover appeared on Australian radio station Triple J as his alter ego Childish Gambino to cover another infamous alter ego of a superstar musician.

“Lost In You,” the song Gambino sings, is the lead single from the 1999 album Greatest Hits from Chris Gaines, the rocker alter ego once used by country superstar Garth Brooks.

Gaines was conceived as an Australian alternative artist to be played by Brooks in a film called The Lamb that never made it to production due to problems with money and management. “Lost In You” and the Greatest Hits album, also known as Garth Brooks in… The Life of Chris Gaines was a pre-soundtrack for the film intended to show audiences that Brooks could perform more than just country.

It is unclear on how Gambino chose to cover the Chris Gaines song given how Gaines came nowhere near the height of Brooks as a country star, and therefore Gaines’ album has nearly been wiped clean off the internet. Donald Glover and Garth Brooks do share the distinction though of being the only two Saturday Night Live hosts to ever have hosted as themselves with their alter ego as the musical guest.

The song “Lost In You” has lived on past Chris Gaines though after Irish boyband Westlife placed a cover of it on their 2003 album Turnaround. The audio of the song was posted on their YouTube page in June.

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