Daniel Radcliffe ‘traumatised’ by Harry Potter’s Miriam Margolyes’ farts on set

Daniel Radcliffe was left "traumatised" by Harry Potter co-star Miriam Margolye'’ farts on set.

He warned his pal Alan Cumming about her trumping before he shared a motorhome with her for a new TV show.

And the Scottish actor admitted it made the thought of travelling with 80-year-old Miriam daunting.

He said: “Yes – Daniel Radcliffe had told me about Miriam’s farting.

“I had lunch with him just before going to film this and told him Miriam and I were going to go around Scotland in a van.

“His face fell and he just said, ‘Alan, the farts’.

“When they did the first Harry Potter film he was really young and he was very traumatised by Miriam’s farts.”

The eccentric Call The Midwife actress has strange eating habits – like scoffing a raw onion every day.

But Alan, 56, said he had handled her wind problem with a “warning and it was dealt with in a very safe, contained way”.

The odd couple have teamed up for new Channel 4 show Miriam and Alan: Lost In Scotland, which starts on Tuesday.

Antics they get up to in the series include recording a rap song in Gaelic and even spending time with a modern-day witch.

It comes after Miriam explained her distaste for many of the men she once worked with.

She branded Terry Scott "the nastiest man" she worked with, as well as listing other men too, such as John Cleese, as toxic characters.

She openly shared her views on the toxic nature of some A-listers she has worked with in the past.

Miriam named Carry On star Terry Scott as the “nastiest” person she ever worked with.

Writing in her book, This Much Is True, she shared her experiences in her early years as an actress.

She started, in an extract by serialised by the Daily Maily, by speaking fondly of her time at Cambridge, saying it “gave her everything she has”.

She added that her time at Cambridge was when she became fully herself.

The TV star named Terry as the worst of the lot and the “nastiest” man she ever worked with.

She talks of how he “was horrid to the chorus girls, tried to grope and kiss them and if they wouldn't play, he rubbished them publicly.”

Miriam adds that she will always dislike the male-centric world of comedy.

She admits her awkwardness at expressing such bitterness but notes that she will never get over the way they all treated her.

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