DaBaby Defended After Being Accused of Degrading White Dancer During ‘SNL’ Performance

The rapper successfully makes many white people upset after he brings a white female dancer to twerk in front of him during his ‘BOP’ performance on the comedy show.

AceShowbiz -Not everyone was a fan of DaBaby‘s performance in the Saturday, December 7 episode of “Saturday Night Live“. White people, in particular, were so upset that the rapper decided to “degrade” a white female dancer when he was delivering a rendition of his hit “BOP” on the Emmy-winning comedy series.

During his performance, DaBaby was joined by a slew of black male and female dancers. There was also one white female dancer who made her appearance by doing a handstand before twerking in front of DaBaby. The girl later got down and continued twerking as the “Suge” rapper and the other dancers kept on performing.

Given that the white dancer was the only one who was made to do such acts, people, especially white folks, were angry and started accusing DaBaby of “degrading” her. “Srsly #dababy f***ing sucked on #snl. The worst. Sucked sucked sucked. Do not support #dababy you suck and are gross,” one wrote, with one other chiming in, “Something I learned about myself today- I’m not a fan of #DaBaby.”

People were quick to defend the rapper, even before he could do it himself. “White folks on twitter so mad #dababy got a white girl clapping her booty on national tv,” a Twitter user said, as someone said that the critics were just “fake mad.” Another, meanwhile, accused them of hypocrisy as saying, “If a white rapper was to do what DaBaby did then he would be so VULGAR but CREATIVE and we wouldn’t able to criticize his art. America is hypocrisy in a nutshell.”

“White people mad Dababy had a white girl twerking on SNL ‘degrading’ herself y’all cool when only black women doing it huh?” one other wrote. ” There was also one person who made fun of “middle aged white people” who “going to bed furious after watching DaBaby perform on SNL.” Meanwhile, someone dubbed his performance “the best SNL performance in a long time” because he could make white people mad. Another told the critics, “Dear wHite folk. A lot of white girls twerk. It might be your daughter.”

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