Blue’s Lee Ryan says he has no money as he is fined and slapped with driving ban

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Blue singer Lee Ryan claimed he had no money after being fined and banned from driving, due to failing to provide information about who was driving his vehicle.

The One Love singer, 37, appeared at Peterborough Magistrates' Court remotely from Spain on Thursday, where he was disqualified from driving for 12 months and fined £660.

Ryan said his singing career had been hit by pandemic restrictions, telling the court he was "out of work at the moment due to Covid."

When he was ordered to pay £1,501 in total – including the cover of court costs – he admitted: "I just don't have any money."

According to court papers, Ryan was charged with driving a Mercedes at 70mph in a 60mph limit on an A-road in Peterborough, Fletton Parkway, on August 8 last year, along with driving a Mercedes at 71mph on the same road on August 22 last year.

However, these charges were dismissed, as the prosecution failed to offer evidence due to there being no way of proving who was driving the car.

He further faced two counts of failing to give information relating to the identification of the driver when required, for which he was found guilty by magistrates.

The singer, who insisted during the hearing that he had sent off the required information, was told if the money is not paid he can be brought back to court and could find himself in prison.

Ryan told the court that his girlfriend Verity Morley had the use of his vehicle "because she was going up and down the country in the car with her job".

He added: "I gave her my car because I thought it was safer than her own."

Alison Marsh, Presiding Justice, said it is accepted that Ryan was the owner of a Mercedes in August and September last year and that he did not advise the DVLA of changes of address in 2020.

She said: "It is disputed that you responded to the request for details of the driver speeding on the 8th of August and the 22nd of August 2020.

"The defendant agreed that he had not advised the DVLA of his changes of address in 2020, which is a legal requirement."

She continued: "We feel he has confused Verity's speeding in his car on the 5th September 20, which she received points in March this year, with these offences, and we conclude he has failed to provide information relating to the driver's identity on the 8th August and the 22nd August 20 as legally required to do."

She said she accepts it may not have been a "deliberate act", but said the legal requirement that the DVLA has a correct and up-to-date address for you applies to everyone.

"We therefore find you guilty," she said.

Ryan was awarded two lots of six points on his licence, which resulted in a disqualification from driving for 12 months.

In regard to the fine, she said magistrates took into account the fact the music industry has been "severely hit" by the coronavirus pandemic, and decided to charge him for one offence.

Ryan admitted he was skint, telling the court: "I just don't have any money", after the £660 fine, £66 victim surcharge and £775 prosecution costs were reeled off.

"I'm not working. I mean, they've stopped the gigs. I don't have any gigs.

"They've stopped everything because of the pandemic. There's still no shows going on."

It was put to Ryan that there are shows going on in the UK, and he said: "I've not got anything. I haven't got anything."

He was asked if it would be unreasonable to think he may have some savings, and he said: "No, I spent them all in Covid."

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