Antonio Brown Mocked for Creating Fake VEVO Account to Release Debut Music Video

Meanwhile, some others are just straight out dissing the NFL free agent’s new song as one dubs it the ‘type of music that gives our friends who really can’t rap hope to keep trying lol.’

AceShowbizAntonio Brown has officially made his debut as a musician, but not without a little bit controversy. The NFL free agent released his debut single “Whole Lotta Money” and its music video over the weekend, only to find himself becoming the butt of the Internet joke when people found out that the visuals was unveiled through a fake VEVO account he created.

People couldn’t help but mock AB for that, with one telling them, “AB you can’t just put vevo in your name like that unless your signed. It’s meaningless.” Another said, “LMAO AB made a fake Vevo account,” while someone echoed, “ab made his own vevo account i’m on the floor.” One other person commented, “With the fake VEVO account I can’t.”

The account aside, the visuals featured AB being surrounded by a gang of nearly-naked women as he bragged about his wealth and overall status. “I skipped outta college to get them dollars,” he rapped in one verse. “I got diamonds on me, did that dash with my homie.”

The video has since garnered more than one thousand dislikes and around 700 likes, with a lot of people criticizing him in the comment section. “This is the type of music that gives our friends who really can’t rap hope to keep trying lol,” one user sarcastically said, as another wrote, “Fastest dislike I ever gave. Gonna have to replace my keyboard, blood all over it from my ears leaking.”

Some made a Lil Pump-referenced joke as one said, “And we thought lil pump was bad.” There were also people who dubbed this “worse than nick cannon‘s diss track.” One other mocked AB, “Stick with your day job AB oh wait you don’t have one.” Another quipped, “In all seriousness that song isn’t worth a Polaroid hobo gang bang behind the dumpster in a alley behind a rundown KFC. Posting this song for everyone should classified as domestic terrorism. If this song was a puppy it would need to be put down.”

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