Tom Holland: Spreading Lies About 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' to Deceive Fans?

Spider-Man: Far From Home is now less than a month away from satisfying our need for a Marvel film, for it feels like Avengers: Endgame graced silver screens eons ago.

If you’re a Peter Parker enthusiasts – watching every interview and reading every tweet leading up the premiere –you’re probably aware of how the writers plan to change the Spider-Man – Mysterio dynamic (or so the actors involved keep implying) in Far From Home.

Mysterio is a master manipulator, a trickster, and a talented illusionist in the comics. He’s one the most infamous antagonist Spider-Man ever faces off against. However, Tom Holland would like you to believe that he’s a “good guy” in the upcoming film. During an interview with Collider, Holland stated:

“When you hear the word Mysterio as a Spider-Man fan you immediately think villain, and that’s not the case in our film, he’s sort of a new addition to this world of heroes, and sort of my teammate throughout the movie.”

Tom Holland keeps telling viewers how they should view Mysterio: focus on his good-hearted nature and his quick-forming bond with Parker. However, the constant repetition feels suspicious, leading many to wonder: is one of the least reliable actors, when it comes to spoiling a movie, manipulating us all?

Is Tom Holland lying to the public about Mysterio’s good-hearted nature in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home?’

Throughout the press tour for Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tom Holland has explained Mysterio’s purpose in this upcoming film as a partner, a big brother of sorts. Tom Holland, according to Heroic Hollywood, stated, “Mysterio is actually my new best friend” during a promotional event.

Tom Holland is known for spoiling details. Each time he spills a so-called “major detail” about Mysterio, fans just assume it’s Holland being Holland…nothing more.

Such an attribute – that of a spoiler aficionado – makes him appear trustworthy to fans, for such incidences are always accidental and accurate. Could those behind the film be exploiting Holland’s spoiler tendency– and associated credible personality – on the film’s behalf?

As Tom Holland continues to “slip,” digital publications continue to spread and comment on his “insider” information. As a result, we are spreading Hollands’ “truth” for him. And, by doing such, we are working to convince the public that Mysterio is indeed a good guy. This way, when the truth comes out, it’s no longer expected, but rather, a violation of the expectation Holland has cemented.

Isn’t it clever: a press tour filled with lies to introduce the most deceptive villain in the Spider-Man franchise?

What better way to introduce Mysterio than to fool the public before they even get to the theater? If Mysterio was indeed a “good guy,” would Holland be permitted to share such details, without consequence (over and over again)?

Convincing the public that Mysterio is good sets the film up for a significant twist: one that we would have seen coming all along if it wasn’t for the press tour.

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Mysterio is a master of deception, and Tom Holland is likely taking a page from his notebook. For, if Mysterio turns out to be the master manipulator we know him to be, no other introduction would have been better.

Holland, as the one responsible for pulling the veil over everyone’s eyes: genius. Fans trust the spoiler; they trust the actor who always slips the truth. Who better to choose?

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