This Avengers Trailer Remade Snyder Cut-Style Is Mesmerizing

For anyone wondering what would have happened had the Avengers been subjected to the same movie trajectory as the Justice League, watch the trailer below.

The first three phases of the MCU have culminated to become one of the most successful and complicated projects in cinematic history. More than 20 movies spanning an entire decade, all intertwined and coming together in the form of Infinity War and 2019’s Endgame, which broke all sorts of box office records.

Warner Bros. and the DCEU hasn’t enjoyed the same amount of success. The studio kicked off its own universe via the release of Man of Steel in 2013. It has attempted to replicate the work Marvel has done since then but hasn’t been able to capture that same magic. Its own take on the Avengers, the Justice League, hit theaters in 2016 and did not go down well with fans.

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Then the rumors started. Rumors that Zack Snyder had created a very different and potentially better version of the movie. Turns out those rumors were true, and the much-talked-about Snyder Cut will come to HBO Max in 2021. As for what might have happened to the MCU and its Avengers had the franchise been through the same troubles as their DC counterparts, it might have looked a little like the trailer below.

The trailer was created by Soft Cape Productions and was inspired by the one revealing that the Snyder Cut is coming to HBO Max. Granted, the Avengers and its creators haven’t needed to go through the same journey that those behind the Justice League have, which means the use of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah doesn’t mean nearly as much. However, it still makes for an impactful trailer.

As for troubles and turmoil, the MCU is experiencing some of that in 2020. However, so is everyone else in the movie industry. 2020 is the first calendar year in which an MCU movie has not been released since 2009. Black Widow was supposed to have been released by now, and The Eternals was slated to hit theaters next month. We will now not see either of those movies until 2021, at the very earliest.

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