The first trailer for Cats is here and it really is something

The first trailer for Cats dropped today and from Taylor Swift to Idris Elba, Dame Judi Dench and James Corden, all getting about as the furry felines of the iconic stage musical, it really is something.

With an ensemble cast also starring Ian McKellen, Jason Derulo and Jennifer Hudson, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the first look at these actors as alley cats.

While we’ve been treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the cast rehearsing, released to our tingling senses on Wednesday, this is the first time we’ve seen the characters in their costumes.

And, it’s something we may never unsee.

Like, the effects are spellbinding – we’re starting to think perhaps these actors were half-way through morphing into actual cats, but something went wrong with the left phalange and they were left as cats with their superstar faces the only human remains.

Are we getting too into this?

Dame Judi, who plays the character of Old Deuteronomy, was cast in 1981’s stage show, but just before they were due to open she snapped her Achilles and thought she’d never get the chance to star in Cats again.

Look at her now!

Taylor, who’ll take on the role of Bombalurina, went straight from her stadium tour into Cats rehearsals, as she was seen prowling around and slinking alongside Idris (the great Macavity) in this week’s teaser, and the duo look pretty great working their stuff alongside professional dancers.

The set looks pretty remarkable, with the unmistakable Cats cobbled streets and back alley streetscapes receiving their due attention. The scale is ‘three or four times bigger’ according to Idris, in order to tell this from a cat’s perspective.

Idris looks totally on point as Macavity, as the gnarled cat watches over the streets, while Taylor’s Bombalurina sprinkles catnip on what appeared to be the Jellicle Ball.

The film will follow the tale of the Jellicle cats as they hold the ball for Old Deuteronomy will pick which feline to take to the Heaviside Layer and onto a better life.

In the trailer we hear Jennifer sing the beautiful Memory, made famous by her character Grizabella and we already have goosebumps.


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