The First Time: Beanie Feldstein


In the latest installment of our “First Time” video series, actress Beanie Feldstein, star of Booksmart and the “Breakout” talent of Rolling Stone‘s 2019 Hot List, looks back on her childhood obsession with the Spice Girls (“Spice World was on repeat in my house”), her first big role (Peter Rabbit in a preschool play), and her first meeting with her Hello, Dolly! costar Bette Midler (“She was wearing a cashmere sweatsuit and Skechers and I will never forget it”).

She also talks about learning to stand up for herself as the little sister to two brothers. One of them, Jonah Hill, used to sit on her and pretend she was Santa Claus, Feldstein says: “He’d be like, ‘I want a pony and a trampoline and a…’ and I would just be, like, eight years old and suffocating, like, ‘Get off me!’ So I became very scrappy.”

Feldstein, who also has a role in the FX vampire series What We Do in the Shadows, next stars in How to Build a Girl, based on a novel about a teen music critic in Nineties London and due out this fall.

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