Superhero Bits: Marc Guggenheim Has a Secret DC Project, 'New Mutants' Test Screenings & More

Want to see a Wonder Woman cosplayer who looks exactly like Gal Gadot? Will you buy a Game of the Year edition of Spider-Man PS4? What secret DC Comics project is Marc Guggenheim working on? How did a recent New Mutants test screening go? How much would it cost to make a real life Spider-Man suit? Is Jeff Goldblum down for another Marvel movie? Want to see Tobey Maguire as the MCU’s Spider-Man? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Lis Wonder is a cosplayer who looks uncannily like Gal Gadot when she gets suited up as Wonder Woman.

Marvel has pulled an essay by writer Mark Waid from Marvel Comics #1000 for comments made about the U.S.

Marvel’s Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 is getting a Game of the Year edition to celebrate the game’s success.

Telltale Games is making a comeback, thanks to LCG Entertainment, who will be making some new Batman games.

Ruby Rose crouches in crimson night as Batmwoman, the latest DC Commis superhero to join the Arrowverse.

Paul Bettany says Marvel’s forthcoming WandaVision series for Disney+ will be “super avant-garde and weird.”

Here’s the launch trailer for the recently released commemorative Marvel Comics #1000, chock full of artwork.

Marc Guggenheim teased that he’s working on a new, secret DC Comics project that he’s not allowed to discuss.

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