Quick, Here’s All You Need to Know About the Oscars

Theaters were shut but the ceremony is still happening? Yep! In a podcast, our awards experts catch you up.

In a year when more people probably rewatched the eerie 2011 “Contagion” than saw a new movie, it might seem strange that the Academy Awards are still happening (Sunday on ABC). So we asked our movie experts, the Projectionist columnist Kyle Buchanan and senior staff editor Mekado Murphy, to join in a podcast and take us through what’s expected on the telecast and what’s in the running. Have a listen.

Produced by: Tracy Mumford, Hans Buetow and Anna Martin
Featuring: Kyle Buchanan and Mekado Murphy
Edited by: Wendy Dorr
Mixed by: Marion Lozano

Kyle Buchanan a Los Angeles-based pop culture reporter, writes The Projectionist column. He was previously a senior editor at Vulture, New York Magazine’s entertainment website, where he covered the movie industry. @kylebuchanan

Mekado Murphy is a senior staff editor with a focus on movies coverage. He joined The New York Times in 2006.

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