Mulan trailer: When does the Disney live-action remake teaser air TODAY?

This year Disney are releasing several live-action remakes of their animated classics. So far we’ve had Tim Burton’s Dumbo and Guy Richie’s Aladdin, while Jon Favreau’s The Lion King is out later this month. Churning out remakes rather than focusing on original stories may be seen as cynical to some fans, with many of the films making around $1 billion apiece, while others just love the new takes and sense of nostalgia. Come this autumn Angelina Jolie stars in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, before Lady and the Tramp arrives on new streaming service Disney+.

While next year, it’s back to the 1990s Disney renaissance with Mulan.

Based on the 1998 animated musical, the story is focused on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, who impersonated a man to take her father’s place in battle during a Hun invasion.

Directed by Niki Caro, Mulan stars Liu Yifei, Donnie Yen, Gong Li, Jason Scott Lee and Jet Li as The Emperor.

As for Eddie Murphy’s Mushu, he was speculated to be replaced by a phoenix, but now The DisInsider claims the dragon has now been cut.

According to The DisInsider, Mulan’s sidekick and companion Mushu has been cut.

The website said a source claimed that: “While music from the animated film will be included in the remake, the songs will not be sung by the cast as the music is just instrumentals.

“As time progresses, Disney will very likely use test screenings to gauge what changes – if any – need to be made via reshoots and post-production.”

Mulan’s first teaser trailer airs today and Jimmy Wong, who plays Ling in the remake, has teased where fans can see it.


Writing on Twitter, he said: “If you are excited about Mulan, you MIGHT want to start tuning into the World Cup coverage starting today. You might see something. Just maybe.”

The FIFA Women’s World Cup Final airs today at 4pm BST between the United States and the Netherlands.

Coverage lasts between 15:30 and 18:35, so Disney fans should keep an eye out then, but also expect Mulan’s trailer to drop online around the same time.

Mulan will be released in UK cinemas on March 27, 2020.

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