James Bond teaser: How can I watch trailer teaser for No Time to Die?

James Bond is a British institution, showing the world how debonair yet deadly we can really be. No Time to Die, the latest James Bond movie, has been at the centre of fan speculation for months. Now a teaser has finally been released, how can fans watch it to see what to expect from the new movie?

James Bond is back – this time he is more suave and sophisticated than ever, as the new teaser reveals.

The teaser is in fact a trailer for a trailer, rather than a teaser for the movie itself, and will reveal when fans are able to watch the first proper trailer for the film, No Time to Die.

It turns out this trailer comes out on Wednesday, December 4, so fans should definitely keep their eyes peeled and fixed on for all the updates.

However, the teaser certainly gives an idea of what fans can hope to expect from the upcoming movie – and it looks like a truly gripping ride.

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The trailer begins with a sullen Bond staring into the mid-distance, dressed in far more casual clothes than we expect from him.

But that soon changes when he is seen stepping out of an extremely expensive car in London, this time kitted out in his fineries once again, sporting very cool sunglasses.

The second shot suggests he is back to work in MI6, before another car is seen flying through the air and flipping in the middle of a field.

Whether Bond is in the car is hard to tell, but one person who is paying attention to all the action is Lashana Lynch’s character, who is spotted sitting in a sports car in a field, pulling down her sunglasses to get a closer look at whatever is interesting her.

Fans will know she has become the new 007 since Bond’s ‘retirement,’ meaning she could be on a mission – possibly to keep an eye on her predecessor.

Another deadly woman is then seen shooting while sporting some very sexy attire.

She looks like Ana de Armas, whose character is called Paloma, though little is known about whose side she is on, or what she could have to do with Bond’s latest mission.

The action continues as Bond is seen biking up a set of stairs towards a parade of people leaving a church in another country.

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The small village looks hot and steamy, as people have their heads covered to leave their service.

Little is seen about what happens next, as fans are next shown three more shots of the movie: one with Bond walking through what could be a nightclub, wearing a tuxedo; another which shows his famed car gearing up for a showdown; and the final is someone arriving outside a glass door, wearing what seems to be a Rorschach mask.

It may be No Time to Die has taken on a bit of the Watchmen vibe, as the masked figure looks distinctly like Regina King’s character in the current series.

The door behind which they are standing could also be an office door – perhaps someone bursting in on M as he sits behind his MI6 desk.

However, all these clips, while exciting, will go unanswered until they are seen in more detail on Wednesday, and then again when the movie comes out in April.

How can I see the trailer teaser for No Time to Die?

The teaser can be found on at the top of this article.

However, fans can also find the teaser on the No Time to Die official Twitter feed, as well as on YouTube.

No Time to Die is released in cinemas on April 3, 2020

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