James Bond secrets: The bizarre way Sean Connery prepared himself for 007 love scenes

Dr. No: Sean Connery stars as James Bond in 1962

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The late Sir Sean Connery had the honour of being cast as the first official James Bond in 1962’s Dr No, going to play 007 in seven films in total over a period of 21 years. Aside from the action and cars, Ian Fleming’s spy always finds himself in bed with a Bond girl at least once in each outing. What’s bizarre is the way that the Scottish legend went about preparing for his love scenes.

Harry Potter Dumbledore star Michael Gambon was once a contender to play Bond after Connery and told the behind-the-scenes secret shared with him by 007 producer Cubby Broccoli.

Previously appearing on RTÉ, the actor said: “Years ago when I was young and had hair and I was quite thin, George Lazenby played James Bond and it wasn’t very good. So Cubby Broccoli got 10 young stage actors, I was one of them, into an office in the West End and interviewed us.”

Gambon told the 007 producer: “I can’t play James Bond because I’m bald, I’ve got a double chin and I’ve got girl’s t**s.”

However, Cubby replied: “Well so’s Sean Connery. So we put a wig on him and we put two leather bags on his chest before the take when you’re naked with the girls. They put two leather bags full of ice on your breasts and you go [makes breathing in sound]. And then the man comes in just before the action and takes the bags off.

Then Sean Connery has a beautiful flat chest and he has false teeth and all this [referring to his wig]. So you could well do it.” But Gambon added: “But he didn’t offer it me!”

This wasn’t the only time Connery had strange set methods, as he often liked to act without his trousers on.

Speaking with Total Film, Connery’s Rising Sun co-star Wesley Snipes shared memories from the 1992 set.

The Blade star said: When we were doing car scenes I was fully costumed. He came in with a jacket, tie and shirt, shorts [underwear] and slippers. I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Should I say something?’ We filmed the whole scene and then he leaned over.”

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Snipes continued: “[He] says, ‘Why are you dressed in all your suit?’ I was like, ‘I had to do a scene’, and he said, ‘No son, you don’t need your pants [trousers]. Why do you need them if the camera’s up here?’ I was like, ‘Wow’ and a light went off. And since then, whenever you see me in a car, unless I have to get out, I’m in my shorts.”

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