From Ghostface to Freddie Krueger: Who is best scary movie villain?

After a year that feels like it just won’t end, spooky season is finally upon us – and how better to celebrate that than scaring ourselves silly with loads of scary movies?

While trick-or-treating may be off the cards due to the pandemic, we can still scoff our sweets while spending Halloween under the covers with terrifying flicks.

Thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are all sorts of horror films ready to stream, including Hereditary, The Conjuring, Insidious and The Purge.

While there have been many, many lists on the most chilling big screen moments, the jury is still out on who made the best villain.

Did Freddie Krueger leave you terrified of sleeping, was Samara from The Ring the real reason you never put a video tape in your player again, or did Billy and Stu make you wary of everyone under a creepy Ghostface mask?

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