First Look! Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake Discover New Troll Lands in Trolls World Tour

The Trolls are exploring whole new worlds!

In a PEOPLE exclusive first look at Trolls World Tour, Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake’s Poppy and Branch, respectively, go on an adventure where they travel to different Troll lands that each represents a different form of music.

Including pop (where Poppy and Branch are from), as well as rock, country, techno, classical and R&B, the two make new friends along the way, which also means new cast members!

Mary J. Blige and George Clinton take on the roles of the Queen and King of Funk while Rachel Bloom brings the Queen of Rock, Barb, to life with her electric guitar.

Orchestra conductor and violinist Gustavo Dudamel portrays Trollzart, who conducts a symphony of classical Trolls while Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos voices King Trollex, the DJ Master of the underwater Techno Trolls.

Kelly Clarkson brings her sass and charm to Delta Dawn, the mayor of the Lonesome Flats, while Kenan Thompson and Kunal Nayyar play Tiny Diamond and Guy Diamond, respectively.

This is the latest continuation of the highly-popular Trolls franchise, which has already announced a tour based off the 2016 film, Trolls LIVE!

The traveling show follows Poppy and Branch as they enlist the help of their friends when their beloved tradition Hug Time is unexpectedly put at risk.

Full of singing, dancing, rainbows, glitter and plenty of hugs, the extravaganza will have a number of interactive surprises.

Trolls World Tour will debut in theaters April 2020.

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