Who Is Lucy Hale Dating? This ‘Pretty Little Liar’s Relationship Status Is Mysterious

It’s no secret that Lucy Hale is a busy lady. Between starring in a new series (she’s playing the titular character in the forthcoming Riverdale spin-off Katy Keene) and preparing to host an award show (she’s returning to cohost the 2019 Teen Choice Awards), I’d be amazed it she had time to date. But ever since she and her Life Sentence costar Riley Smith reportedly ended their relationship last year, everyone has been asking, "So who is Lucy Hale dating now?" Hale isn’t romantically linked to anyone at the moment and instead seems to be taking the time to show herself some love, though Hale’s rep did not respond to Elite Daily’s request for comment by the time of publication.

On her 30th birthday in June, Hale took to Instagram to reflect on the milestone (and to post a super-hot selfie of herself on a lounge chair). Her long caption includes a few lines that suggested dating wasn’t her top priority at the moment. "Most people are anxious to step into their 30s but honestly, I’ve never felt better," she says. "…I’ve had so much to smile about but I’ve also had my heart ripped in two. …im proud that I can now find things I love about myself." Preach, girl.

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30 years around the sun. It’s pretty hard for me to articulate what’s going through my head today, but I’ll really try. Most people are anxious to step into their 30s but honestly, I’ve never felt better. I’ve never felt stronger or more at ease. I’ve never felt more grateful. I’ve never been more capable of taking on whatever it is that life throws at me. I’ve been blessed beyond measure with family who loves me, friends who lift me up, a job I look forward to, a creative heart, let alone all the daily things that many pray for. As I’ve gotten older, my 20s prepared me to be kind, but take no shit- always try harder than the last day but recognize when you need a break- to enjoy the journey even when you aren’t where you want to be- be grateful for the successes, the failures and the heartbreaks because everything eventually makes sense- to appreciate the small victories because life’s greatest pleasures are the simple things- to forgive those who have wronged you because they teach us more about ourselves and who we want to be or not be- to take a stand- and to not be an asshole, unless you cut me off on the freeway cause I will lay on my horn. I’ve had so much to smile about but I’ve also had my heart ripped in two. I’m definitely my own worst enemy at times but im proud that I can now find things I love about myself. Long story short, in this next chapter I just want to be strong for those who have been strong for me, to realize my worth even when I’m not busy, to laugh at the dumb shit, and to find ways to leave this world better. Thanks to all of you who join me on this journey & for accepting me for who I am. I promise to always do my best and keep it real. I promise I’m also wearing sunscreen today. Im overwhelmed with love and gratitude not only today, but every day. THANK YOU for laughing and loving alongside me !! 30, sometimes thriving, sometimes a mess and always flirty ❤️

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Hale and her ex Riley Smith reportedly only dated for a few months before their June 2018 split. The costars were first spotted kissing on Valentine’s Day in 2018, according to Us Weekly, but a source confirmed to Us Weekly that the two had decided to go their separate ways soon after it was announced that Life Sentence wouldn’t be returning for a second season. Hale briefly ignited new dating rumors when she was seen holding hands with actor Ryan Rottman, but little more was heard about the potential couple after that initial sighting.

Before Smith, Hale was in a two-year relationship with musician Anthony Kalabretta. According to Daily Mail, the breakup may not have been quite so amicable, as they unfollowed each other on social media and deleted several of their Instagram pics together following the split. Of course, just a month after their reported breakup in May 2017, Hale tweeted a photo of the two of them in front of a helicopter, because breakups are complicated. "[It’s going] good,” Hale told PEOPLE when asked about the relationship in September 2017. “He’s great.” She does follow Kalabretta on Instagram again now, so it seems things are cool between them, even if they don’t decide to rekindle their romance.

Other past flames for Hale include musician Adam Pitts, whom she was first spotted in public with in September 2014 and dated for about six months. Though no breakup was ever announced, the last public sighting for the two was in March 2015. She also previously dated Amazing Spider-Man actor Chris Zylka for about six months before some cryptic tweets from Zylka suggested that the two were done. Her relationships with country singer Joel Crouse and actor Graham Rogers (which both took place between her relationships with Zylka and Pitts) only lasted for a few months each.

I would say that I hope Hale finds the right partner soon, but TBH, I’m glad she’s so happy on her own for the moment. I would also say that I’m still hoping she and Ian Harding (who played Ezra Fitz, her PLL love interest) get together, but I’m not sure how realistic it is to hold out hope for that fictional relationship to blossom IRL.

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