What’s the Deal With Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment?

It’s perhaps the most famous New York City apartment of all time. Pale blue couch in the middle facing the television set. Bike hanging in the corner—never used. Kitchen off to the right stocked with cereal—two stools at a little counter. Kramer slides in through the front door. Audience goes wild.

It’s Jerry Seinfeld’s 129 W 81st St. apartment. Parking is a nightmare. Once a dog was hurt from an air conditioner not properly secured to the window. We basically lived there for nine seasons through the ’90s, along with George, Elaine, and Kramer. It’s a real place to us, brought to life by the magic of television. Maybe it’s the only place in “New York” some viewers have ever spent any quality time. (The actual “apartment” is not in New York at all. It is a set built in Los Angeles.)

But, dear reader, I have some distressing news. Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment does not exist. And, because we live in hell, some monster on Reddit decided to point out that not only does the apartment not exist, but it couldn’t physically exist by all known natural laws of science.

Be warned. The following image is agonizing:

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