Viral Video Proves Warthogs Are Nothing Like Pumbaa From The Lion King!

When will people learn that life is nothing like a Disney movie!?

We’re already aware that animated classics of the Mouse House gave us unrealistic expectations about hair, men, and silverware, but now we can add something else to the list: warthogs!

As fans know, the most famous warthog in Hollywood is Pumbaa from The Lion King: a friendly singing animal who might stink a little bit but knows how to live the good life. Well, turns out if one meets a warthog IRL, it *won’t* teach you about its problem-free philosophy.

Nope, it’ll attack you like the wild animal it is.

Unfortunately, one tourist who recorded his encounter with a not-so-friendly warthog learned this the hard way, and Twitter was quick to say, “Well, duh.”

Ch-ch-check out the video (below) to see what happened!

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