Unibrowed model Sophia Hadjipanteli stuns at London Fashion Week

Unibrowed model Sophia Hadjipanteli has taken London Fashion Week by storm while silencing critics as she ignites the bushy brow revolution.

Sophia has created a name for herself in the fashion industry by letting her big beautiful brows roam free.

The model has defied stereotypes and showcased her unique look at London’s runways this week after bursting onto the scene last year.

A natural blonde, Hadjipanteli reportedly stumbled upon her now-signature look after tinting her brows and accidentally turning them jet black.

The 23-year-old is the founder of the #UnibrowMovement on social media, and recently landed a deal with Glamour as their online cover girl.

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As a fixture at London Fashion Week this season, Sophia has been ensuring her brows reach world fame status while shaking conventional beauty standards.

Despite her 412k-strong Instagram following, she has faced the wrath of trolls who have targeted her unconventional grooming choices.

Hadjipanteli was born and raised in Cyprus, but moved to the US to study marketing in Maryland.

She, and her brows, have since burst onto London’s fashion scene and is among the wave of new voices encouraging women to accept their hairy bodies in their natural states.

Blonde bombshell Sophia was spotted at the Roberta Einer and David Koma runway shows during London Fashion Week in September 2019.

And she’s been rubbing shoulders with some big star again recently at the Vanity Fair EE Rising Star Award party and sat front row alongside fellow fashion superstar Billy Porter at the Ashish show this week.

The bushy browed beauty said she’s showing people embracing a feature that most people hide is something to be proud of.

Sophia told Glamour: “There is beauty in the unusual and there is power in defining your own standard of beauty.

“From a young age, most people are taught to get rid of their body hair.

“People grow up with the mentality that a few extra hairs on our eyebrows are something to be ashamed of.”

She explained her black unibrow and light blonde hair is not a combination for everyone, but it’s definitely for her.

“I am extremely proud to be who I am in a society where we are constantly pressured to be what everyone else wants,” Sophia said.

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