Trump Should Go Quietly if There's No Voter Fraud, Texas GOP Chairman Says

President Trump has the right to exhaust every avenue to determine if there was voter fraud in the election, but if nothing turns up, he should exit stage left … so says the Texas GOP chairman.

Allen West joined “TMZ Live” on Tuesday and said people are getting way ahead of themselves by declaring Joe Biden the President-elect … not while ballots are still being counted — or recounted — in George, Arizona and North Carolina.

West, a former U.S. Congressman and retired Lt. Col., added the voter fraud allegations in Pennsylvania — so far, unfounded — also have to play out in court. While West is throwing his support behind team Trump and the audit of ballots, he makes it crystal clear — if it’s ruled a fair and legal election … Trump has to abide by that.

As for the President-elect moniker, which the media started using for Trump on election night 2016 — West believes Biden’s current situation, in 2020, is much different.

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