TOWIE’s Dani Imbert and Chloe Brockett to ‘exchange words’ in dramatic teaser

There will be more drama and chaos in the upcoming episode of The Only Way Is Essex, as Dani Imbert will confront Chloe Brockett.

In a newly released teaser clip for Sunday night's episode, Dani tells Roman Hackett that she will have to "exchange words" with Chloe over their feud, which sparked following Chloe's fling with James Lock.

Dani's boyfriend Liam Gatsby Blackwell took a swipe at Chloe over her rendezvous with Lockie, causing Chloe to furiously confront Gatsy at the beginning of the series.

Following the feud, Chloe took aim and Gatsby and Dani's romance and claiming she had heard rumours the pair had split in the summer briefly.

Now, Danni is poised to confront Chloe in Sunday 10 October's episode of TOWIE, which is teased in an exclusive clip.

"So earlier I saw Chloe at the gym," Roman said, prompting Dani to respond: "Did you, what did she have to say?"

Roman continued: "About the Gatsby thing, I said I understand why you're angry at him. With you… I just think it's a bit silly."

Dani responded: "Yeah, we won't be friends, but I feel like we need to exchange words.

"We're gonna be done after this situation, I can assure you."

Chloe is then seen walking into the nightclub where Dani and Roman are at for a tense confrontation.

This comes after Chloe was seen having a blazing row with Dani's boyfriend Gatsby on a beach in Sandbanks after finding out he had been gossiping about her fling with James Lock.

Gatsby later said: "There's a lot of bikes in Essex" as he helped Dani ride a bike, but Chloe thought he was making a dig at her.

Taking to her Instagram, she wrote: "Gatsby saying 'There's a lot of bikes in Essex' once again reiterates how truly unintelligent and hateful he is.

"As a young, single woman, I can sleep with whoever I want, whenever I want, and I shouldn't have to receive derogatory comments from 'supposedly' grown men."

Dani responded to her comments, penning: "Let me just add I've probably had two conversations with the girl in my LIFE. But here she is tweeting about me, making digs on Instagram and bringing up my name and then wants to preach about being kind? DO ME A FAVOUR."

In an interview with OK! last month, Chloe admitted that her fling with James "wasn't her finest moment".

However, speaking of Gatsy, she said: "He has turned really bitter lately, and I can't work out why. He seems to feel like everyone is against him. I really don't think that he would have been as rude if it was me with a group of people walking over!"

It comes after Dani and Gatsby denied rumours they have split.

The Only Way Is Essex continues Sunday at 9pm on ITVBe and ITV Hub.

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