This ‘Camp Rock 2′ Song Is Relatable Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Did you know that “Can’t Back Down” has some super relatable lyrics to the current state of the world?!

While the Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, and is taking up so much of the conversation, we couldn’t help but realize that Camp Rock 2 really hit the nail on the head with this song.

“We can’t back down, there’s too much at stake/This is serious, don’t walk away/We can’t pretend it’s not happening/In our own backyard, our own home plate,” Demi Lovato sings in the track.

“We got a situation that we can’t ignore/‘Cause ignorance is not bliss/We don’t have to take this, no/With every big decision/Comes an equally important share of the risk/We gotta take this,” she sings in the bridge.

Keep practicing social distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 , and stay safe and healthy JJJ readers!!

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