There's A Rumor That Vanessa Hudgens Will Play Catwoman In "The Batman"

It’s a mid-to-late 2000s miracle! Well, at the very least, it’s a miracle for anyone who was a teen girl in 2008 who also happens to have any interest in the characters of the DC universe. Matt Reeves‘ standalone Batman movie, The Batman, is still in pre-production. The rumor is that Batman will be played by Robert Pattinson. And now there’s a rumor from a YouTube channel that Catwoman will be played by 2000s TV musical queen Vanessa Hudgens. I look forward to the scene where Batman and Catwoman battle in the high school cafeteria over the last plate of chicken fingers.

The news comes from The BYO Show (via Cosmic Book News), who say they’ve only heard rumblings that Vanessa is up for the role. One of the BYO Show hosts claims to have heard rumors of casting back in January, and is spilling what he knows now, since the months-old rumor about Robert Pattinson appears to possibly be coming true. He claims that the frontrunners for roles are Vanessa as Catwoman, Richard E. Grant as Alfred (which I believe would make for history’s hottest version of Alfred), Jason Clarke as Batman’s dad, Keri Russell as Batman’s mom, Josh Gad as The Penguin, Toby Kebbell as Scarecrow, and Theo Rossi as Bane.

Although they stress that it’s all unconfirmed and that it’s not known if anyone one of those actors has signed on.

This Batman movie sounds like it’s skewing pretty young. Spider-Man: Homecoming young. It also appears to be following some classic Hollywood casting conventions. Like the rumored casting of a 43-year-old woman as the mother of a 33-year-old man. Eh, at least there would only be a three-year age gap between Robert and Vanessa. I probably just jinxed Vanessa out of a job by bringing that up. In the event that I didn’t, I think she’d make a great Catwoman. First, she knows her way around a latex catsuit.

Second, and most importantly, she can sing. And who of us didn’t watch Rent: Live and think “If only someone would bring this kind of energy to a comic book film?!” I would love to hear Vanessa belt out all her lines. Come on, bat and cat are natural rhyme partners. And let’s face it, it couldn’t be a worse performance than if Ben Affleck had stuck around.

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