The Real Reason Tyler Cameron’s Sweatshirt Is Turning Heads

Bachelor Nation star Tyler Cameron might not have won Bachelorette Hannah Brown’s heart, but he has certainly captured America’s attention. Tyler went on to date supermodel Gigi Hadid, and his BFF-slash-roommate Matt James was named as Season 25’s Bachelor lead before even debuting on the franchise. 

Tyler captured headlines again in March 2020 after reuniting with ex Hannah following his mother’s tragic death and Hannah’s brother’s drug overdose. The duo quarantined together in Tyler’s hometown of Jupiter, Fla. during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. “We were kind of leaning on each other at this point. We were both going through things, so we were kind of each other’s support system all of a sudden,” Tyler told Page Six in October 2020. Hannah also clarified in a YouTube video titled “What Really Happened” that they “didn’t even kiss” while living together alongside Matt and their other pals. 

Now, in March 2021, it’s not Tyler’s love life that’s making the news — it’s his fashion choices. Keep scrolling to find out why fans are questioning the male model’s latest sweatshirt! 

Tyler Cameron allegedly used a BuzzFeed editor's tweet for a sweatshirt

Tyler Cameron sure knows how to rock a hoodie. The New York resident sported a new white sweatshirt with a tweet from BuzzFeed editor Sarah Wainschel printed on it. 

In January 2021, Wainschel tweeted a collage of photos featuring Matt James and Tyler’s friendship with the caption “Matt: ‘I’ve never been in love.’ Oh really…then explain THIS! #TheBachelor.” In March 2021, Tyler modeled his new merchandise for sale on Instagram, including a sweatshirt featuring Wainschel’s tweet with an added hashtag, #Myler. 

Wainschel took to Twitter to call out the You Deserve Better author’s latest product. “Hey Tyler, wanna send me a free sweatshirt???” Wainschel wrote, retweeting her original post as proof. “Wait there are mugs too, SEND ME A MUG!” The hoodie is being sold for $45 on Tyler’s FanJoy website. 

Viewers were quick to side with Wainschel. “She made this, she deserves it!” a user commented. Redditors agreed: “Seems like [Wainschel] is a good sport but not surprising he couldn’t come up with anything original,” a fan wrote. Others thought it was a totally irrelevant issue, because as one Redditor stated, “who in God’s name would wear this?” 

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