The Bachelor Week 9 Preview: Fantasy Suite Time!

I’m in love with three women. — Peter Weber

It’s finally here, Bachelor Nation.

Or… it’s finally about to be here, at least.

Following emotional hometown dates and warnings from ex-girlfriends and surprises about his suitors, Peter Weber will finally get to experience the one week that likely made him sign up for The Bachelor in the first place:

Fantasy Suite Week!

We all know how much this guy loves to have sex, right?

And now he’s found himself in quite the contrasting situation with the women he’s chosen to remain as his aspiring wives.

There’s Victoria, who seems so evil and manipulative to some viewers that Peter must only be keeping her around because he’s dying to sleep with her.

Either that, or producers have told Weber to do so in order to build drama.

And drama is exactly what Victoria is set to bring next Monday night.

“I haven’t seen Madison like this before,” she says about her fellow contestant early in this trailer, adding of the well-known virgin:

“I’m sorry, but that’s disgusting. Putting him in that position is so unfair. Are you kidding me?”

There’s Madison, who has made it clear she’s saving herself for marriage.

Which is totally cool and fine, of course, except that she’s also taken outward issue with Peter’s excited and often-busy penis.

“I won’t be able to move forward if you have slept with other women,” she tells him point blank in the revealing promo just released by ABC.

What is The Bachelor supposed to do in that situation?!?

And then there’s Hannah Ann, who has been among the front-runners all season long.

However, take a look at all The Bachelor spoilers out there and you’ll see that many believe she’s all set to be the next Bachelorette.

This would mean Peter selects either Victoria or Madison to be his wife, both of which seem like far-fetched options.

Hmmm…. unless a certain other Bachelor report is accurate.

There’s also the possibility that Peter goes back to Merissa Pence, the ex-girlfriend who showed up out of nowhere last Monday.

All we can really say for certain at this point is that women will cry and Peter will get his sexual intercourse on because, sorry Madison, but that’s just how this pilot flies.

Check out the promotional video here to see what’s on tap for Fantasy Suite Week!

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